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The VW Phaeton – an ego thing?

By June 7, 2017Ego

Volkswagen has been producing the Phaeton since 2002, it is a full size luxury vehicle produced to compete with the Mercedes-Benz S Class and BMW 7-Series. Many industry experts claim that the Phaeton was produced as an ego thing by VW to show the world that it can produce a top end car to match its rivals.

Sales of the Phaeton in Europe have been quite low; the new Volkswagen Phaeton for sale at the moment has been given a refresh to bring it in line with the rest of the VW Models. It now has LED daytime running lights, new alloy wheel choices, a slightly modified radiator grille, three new exterior colours and a better V6 petrol engine.

The Phaeton comes with a choice of 3 petrol engines and 2 diesels. The Petrol engines consist of a 3.2 litre VR6 that has 237 bhp, a 4.2 litre V8 that has 330 bhp and a 6.0 litre W12 that has 444 bhp. The diesel engines are a 3.0 litre V6 TDI that produces 221 bhp and a 5.0 litre V10 TDi that produces 308 bhp.

According to a Volkswagen insider the company is currently working on a new Phaeton, but this model will be designed specifically for the US and Chinese market – it seems VW has given up the hope of competing with the 7-Series and S Class. The Phaeton will switch platforms and may well use the same one as the latest Audi A8 or a version of the long wheel base Audi A6 only available in China.

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