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The Shadow Self – The Accuser

By July 13, 2017Ego

The shadow-self whom I refer to as the accuser works against you when you are trying to make headway in being more positive and drawing to you those things you want in life. The shadow-self is nothing more than your ego who has sat on the throne of self too long. The thing you need to know about the ego is that if it feels its losing control – it fights for it. In Christian belief structures call this creature called the devil.

Unfortunately, the devil was really created as a means of controlling the populace by the church leaders of the day, and doesn’t really exist in the terms the name is used. But – that which is against your source – does exist – and it’s your ego.

The ego will take credit and brag about all of your accomplishments – but the minute something is not right – it becomes the accuser. The ego is the one that delivers guilt (like a daily newspaper) at your doorstep, without a subscription. The ego accuses you of the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. Source – god energy – on the other hand leads you gently. There is no accusatory voice from within the heavens, contrary to popular religious belief systems.

Source energy is loving, humble, gentle, kind, compassionate, and caring and will never slap you down like the ego is so famous for doing. When you are on the path of binding yourself to your source, learning to manifest in this world consciously, and moving towards greater spiritual growth and enlightenment – you are moving towards what is termed “Christ” consciousness. The Greek (the New Testament was written in Greek) term for Christ is Christos – which means “Anointed One.” The anointing is like oil on the head – which translates to an “in light of” or enlightened consciousness.

The ego, on the other hand – is that which is against Christ – the anti-Christ if you will and it is present in every one of us. The ego has its place – but not above your relationship to yourself, your source and your path. Like a small child, it will make its voice heard if it feels you are occupied elsewhere.

It wants supreme control and when you work to transfer control over to your Source, it will fight you every step of the way. A teacher once told me that the best thing you can do for your ego is to sit down and have a talk with it.

Now this may sound crazy to some, but it is a good idea to let the ego know its place. You can do this very simply by writing a letter to yourself. Write to yourself; tell your ego that you’ve appreciated its help all these years. Allow the words to flow from you and you might be amazed at what you hear.

You see, the ego feeds on fear to gain control back, it uses a map of internal reality that tries to be damaging to creative source as it fights for control – it will work against you and keep you from experiencing your own manifestations. It will bring you to stalemate. Not moving backwards – yet not moving ahead. Self-sabotage takes over and ego steps up to be the leader of the revolt.

This does not mean you cannot take pride in what you do – but know that source energy would never create a scenario whereby you lord yourself over someone else’s abilities, talents and/or accomplishments – ego will.
As Source energy is the All in All – and there exists no separation in Source (separation is an illusion), anything that attempts to cause separation from source is ego, it is the anti-christ within each and every one of us.

Keep this in mind in your daily life. You are ultimately never really separated from Source (separation is an illusion). But you can feel separated and that is not fun. Ego is the one causing the separation.

Take five or ten minutes out of your day and acknowledge your connection to Source energy – pay homage to the All That Is and welcome its presence in your life. It really does make things much easier, aids you in manifestation, and will bring you beauty, peace, and the desires of your heart beyond your wildest dreams.

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