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The Need For More Meditation in Everyday Life

By August 8, 2017Ego

You’ve seen them before, everyday as a matter of fact, they stick out from all the others, yet they are the last ones to notice, because they still don’t know it; still don’t get it, still don’t let it.

They are all around us at any given moment, you know who I’m taking about: those that can’t get enough, those that don’t seem to do enough, cant train enough, always need more, have that extra long check list of things to do, that extra run, that extra swim, that extra workout, that extra mileage, those extra things to do for the kids, that extra volunteer project.

You know who I’m taking about: they complain or fill themselves with anxiety if they don’t complete, or if they don’t compete; they feel guilty to take a day off; a day off would feel/be like in prison, or they would feel like a weak person or a sense of unworthiness would come over them when, actually that day off would be the best, most-loving thing they could do for themselves. And yes, they get irritable, judgmental, and/or injured when it counts most.

What-up with these people; what’s behind their unhappiness or their feeling of  “the need for more”?

Let’s bottom line it:

The ego identifies with having, but its satisfaction is a short lived one; you see, the ego never gets enough. They need meditation in everyday life.

Concealed within the ego remains a deep sense of dissatisfaction, of incompleteness, of “I am not enough yet.”

This “fiction” or “illusion” created by the ego is to give itself uniqueness, or specialness. Since we can never find ourselves through having, the ego has another powerful drive underneath it called “wanting”, the need for more. Therefore: wanting keeps the ego alive much more than having. This need for more is like an addictive character trait and can be kept in balance with meditation in everyday life.

In some cases, this feeling of “not enough” is so powerful that it transforms itself to the physical level and so turns into insatiable hunger. The sufferers of over training or bulimia will often make themselves vomit or train excessively so they can continue eating. Their mind is hungry, not their body. Yet this eating/training disorder would become healed if the sufferers, instead of identifying with their mind, would get in touch with their body and so feel the true needs of the body rather than the imbalanced egotistic mind. Meditation in everyday life helps keep the ego in check.

Some egos know what they want and pursue with ruthless determination. The energy behind this wanting, however, creates an opposing energy of equal negativity that will eventually lead to injury, burnout, or their downfall, thus making themselves or others unhappy.

Wanting is structural, so no amount of volume or enough can provide lasting fulfillment as long as that mental structure remains in place…that “.I am not enough.”.
As long as they don’t recognize these mind-thought forms, as long as they remain unconscious, condemned to “seeking” and not finding, no possession, place, person, or condition will ever satisfy them.

No matter what they have or get, they won’t be happy. They will always looking for something else, some greater fulfillment to make their incomplete sense of self-complete, to eliminate that sense of lack. Meditation in everyday life can help complete them.

Unless they start believing that they are not missing anything, that they have everything they need, that their life’ mission is to reveal their best self – from within, and not from the external; that life truly is an inside job; that life truly works from the inside – out….they will be unhappy. Meditation in everyday life helps them get in touch with that inner-self.

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And remember: you aren’t missing anything.
See you at the studio; see you in the tour.
Train smart. Live, love, race, recover smarter.

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