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The Ego Will Keep You Feeling Good But Broke

By November 10, 2016Ego

If you are into selling anything online, you likely have some issues. One because making money isn’t easy for a lot of people. Second because nobody wants to be sold something from a pushy sales person, and nobody wants to become that pushy sales person. So when you’re setting up your site, you usually take great pains, not always consciously to avoid asking for the close.

From this comes the “sales bravado” you see so often in online forums. This is great if it helps you to overcome your fears of asking for the order. That’s not an easy thing to do, online or off. Asking for the order implies that the client can say, “no,” which means you can feel rejected. Nobody wants to feel rejected.

So as a response, or as what psychologists would describe as a “coping strategy” sales people sometimes build up these really “macho” personas that they use online. You can see this behavior in online forums all the time. If this is enough to get you to ask for the order, and make more money, then it’s a useful strategy. But it can go too far.

What do I mean? Whenever you behave in any way, you are looking for some kind of response. Often times, when people brag online, they are looking to establish some kind of online credibility. When this online credibility becomes more important than learning useful skills to sell your products, it becomes a problem.

Consider this example. Somebody poses a question online about a somewhat difficult to understand sales technique or method. This could be a potential way for many people to learn a lot of useful skills. It might evolve into a great discussion of different people’s experience with this technique, what worked, and what didn’t work.

But it usually doesn’t end up like. People try to outdo each other by showing how they are more knowledgeable about the subject than the next guy. Pretty soon it turns into an online chest thumping contest. No meaningful information is disseminated. People just become more skilled at showing how they know more than everybody else.

It’s hard to learn from these kinds of discussions. When your focus becomes being the best known marketer online, it’s tough to make money. If you are just starting out, or even if you’ve been in the game for a while, try and avoid this attitude at all costs.

Sure, it’s nice to get people to recognize your awesomeness. It feels wonderful to be known as the “guru” in certain circles. But there’s something that can give you a lot more pleasure.

And that is seeing your bank account being stuffed with cash on a monthly basis. If you get your ego out of the way, forget building any reputation, and only focus on learning some amazing skills that can make money, this is easier than you think.

After all, who would you rather be, a super rich nobody, or a world famous guru that worries about paying the rent every month?

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