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Strengthening Ego And Hypnotheraphy

By November 8, 2016Ego

All aspects of psychotherapy work on strengthening the ego and making us feel more positive. A good self esteem is necessary because when we have it, we are more capable of bouncing back from lifes knocks. When hypnosis affects the self esteem, it is geared to addressing personal issues and it addresses the subconscious mind and why we feel that worthless and do not need or deserve to be loved and appreciated.

What is the self aspect of a good self esteem?

The concepts of self esteem, self image, and ego involvement have been regarded by some social psychologists as useful. The origin of awareness of self has been studied in relation to the reactions of others to oneself, it begins in childhood when the first step to establishing an identity and a sense of self is the comparison with other children. Particular attention has been paid to the identity crisis that is observed at various stages of life especially adolescence as adolescents seek to reconcile their social role with regard to their sense of self.

What Is Self Esteem?

Although we cannot physically touch self esteem, it still can be measured. Self esteem is a vital aspect of all our lives, because it is the recognition that we have a value. Part of being human is the fact that we fail, but we need to bounce back and have another go. Low self esteem means that we are frightened and timid and anxious about everything and in essence, we are setting ourselves fail before we start because we do not feel that we deserve to win. That sense of low self esteem is a handicap in life generally, but when you have a cancer it is shooting yourself in the foot twice. In curing cancer, a mental belief that we can is important and a low self esteem makes that impossible, which means right from the start that the treatment is likely to have a less successful prognosis.

John Bowlby was the psychologist that studies the bond between under two and their mothers. He developed the attachment theory as a way of describing how self esteem works. According to him attachment was

“Lasting psychological connectedness between human beings” (Bowlby, J 1969).

There are four elements to attachment

* Maintaining Proximity – The will to be near the significant others we have bonded with * The creation of a safe haven – Returning to the primary attachment figure the mother, when we are threatened. * The establishment of a secure base ” The significant other is the main support in a young child and this bond gives the child confidence to explore their immediate environment with confidence. * Separation Distress – Anxiety that occurs when the significant other leaves.

A low self esteem develops in childhood, normally because the only way children have of estimating their worth knows that adults value them and take care of them. This means that children are accepted for the being they are;they are not judged or criticized, in fact they are praised for every small achievement.

Hypnosis can really help in making adults more confident by adjusting the way that they feel about themselves, that they do have a worth. It needs to knock down years of feeling inferior, but it can be done. Just because a negative thought enters your head does not mean that you have to accept that thought or act on it. This is something top athletes are trained in, they reject feelings that they cannot win. It is possible to control your thinking and for many people hypnosis is the start of that process.

Hypnosis anticipates the fact that you can and will win, there are no room for negative emotions and thoughts, because it fosters sense of peace and calm you can approach difficult decisions in a different and more positive way. It is all about empowerment the power that we have to win rather than lose.

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