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Planets in the Horoscope: Mercury Messenger of the Ego

By January 23, 2017Ego

Moon Sun and Saturn’s Ego planets cosmetics the threefold character, on which I’ve written articles. Mercury is referred to by astrological psychology. Mars, Venus and Jupiter as tool planets because more or one of the Ego planets can utilize these energies to support their needs. In this article I shall be studying exactly what it symbolises in you, followed by examples of each egotism planet may employ this energy and Mercury, its essence. This may give you an insight how you use your Mercury. Mentally,(Sun), emotionally, (Moon) or physically,(Saturn), and maybe all three!

Mercury’s component of life in the play

Basically, Mercury is our information gatherer as we listen, read and learn. This planet acts as an intermediary between the world and ourselves like a bee collects pollen for its hive, as it brings in info. It is the nerve impulse that activates us to open channels of communicating and into making contact, to exchange thoughts. It is our ability to trade information and continually works to connect everything. Mercury is very much part of ourselves’ system, because it is this that sends messages through our body. As the messenger of the ego, it always relays’ advice from the exterior world to us and also around the psyche.

Mercury In the Birth Chart

Mercury in the graph describes the way we learn and communicate. The signal it really is in reveals how ourselves innately do that. The house exemplifies how this expression is shaped by the environment. Remember Mercury cannot rest, as it is always taking in information. These early messages from the environment do much to hinder or enhance our communication and learning skills. If, for example, you where picking up negative messages your Mercury could become thwarted. On the other hand encouragement will give confidence to Mercury. We will be also given understanding and more info of what is going on in the mind by the aspects structure.

Egotism Planet Influence

As Mercury is the planet nearest to the Sun it is usually linked to the mental body, nonetheless, its functions is to relay information from area or one type to another. Mercury can never be more than 28 degrees away from the Sun. The only aspect these planets can make is a conjunction which would be within eight degrees..It may be in the same sign but too far apart to form a conjunction,or it could be placed in the sign that is either side of the Sun sign. The Sun gives energy and strength to anything it touches, hence its partnership will light up all types of communication. This might give strength and energy to the mental process which will emphasize all kinds of schooling and give assurance to expression.. Identity with this particular facet with views, their thoughts along with the rational mind a person may want to be recognised for his or her intellect. They may also find it difficult being objective in their own opinions and views, whereas if Mercury is in another sign it has the means to stand back, therefore not so attached..

Moon gives it feelings. Compassionate communication, as the Moon needs to associate. The Moon will use Mercury to talk about everyday issues and to express its feelings. It could additionally en the instinct and bravery deeper comprehension. This combination is great for the imagination and writing. With our emotions being involved hurtful comments, furious exchange or criticism can turn into wounds, which could fester in the unconscious, the Moon’s realm.

Saturn ‘s use will function as the application of practical matters. Here communication thrives on facts, figures, details and efficacy. Making the very best use of time, or time is money and having great judgement is likely to be some methods that Saturn employs Mercury. Saturn aids memory, so could store information, but simply what the individual thinks could be useful. Saturn also delays anything which might make communication or learning slow, laborious or challenging. In order that it may make any types of communication feel like hard work.

It will depend on the facets in assessing the manner each ego planet performs in your life, that it makes to Mercury. Often established thought forms inhibit our capability to speak and just through self-awareness, which will be the way i use the tool of astrology. We are able to begin to change any damaging wrong or hurtful advice that Mercury could have consumed from our environment. Instead the environment may have enlarged and acquired further our communication abilities. Mercury the messenger of the egotism doesn’t have any filler system as it takes in all advice. It is the ego planets themselves that filter,store and make use of the info within their own manner.

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