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Pink Laptops – Every Girl’s Dream Come True

By March 21, 2017Ego

We all remember Elle’s pink laptop in Legally Blonde – who didn’t wish for one! But back in that dark age of black, grey or white laptops only (2001), you would have to get your notebook customized if you wanted it pink. Not anymore! Most computer companies have realized that their customers are looking for style and color in addition to functionality when choosing a laptop and have started adding more and more color and design options for the notebooks.

Dell’s Studio series and the Inspiron 1420 comes in Flamingo Pink (and 6 other colors), the award-winning XPS M1330 and XPS M1350 in 4 (Flamingo Pink is one of them), and the Inspiron 1525 in 9 colors and 4 funky designs.

Sony’s VAIO series comes in a variety of pink shades: Sunset Pink, Glossy Pink, Blush Pink, Luxurious Rose Pink, Textured Cherry Blossom Pink and Glossy Cosmopolitan Pink.

Other pink laptops include the ASUS EeePC (which comes in 5 colors, one of them is Blush Pink), Q2 Designs T5550 Deluxe Notebook in a Blush Metallic or Fusion Pink, Affinity Technologies ZT Affinity Notebook in Pink, MSI PR200 Notebook in Pink, PIONEERPOS Pink Notebook and Dialogue Technology’s ULV U7600 in Pink.

Apple has yet to add a pink option (or any color besides white and black for that matter), so if you have your heart set on a pink MacBook, customization is your only option. But that’s easier than you would think; there are many companies out there who will customize your laptop in any color and/or design you can wish for. One of them is Colorware, Inc. You can buy your customized laptop directly from them, or send in one you already own. And they offer way more than laptops, you can get a customized mouse, iPhone, iPod, iMac, PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, Blackberry and HGTV screen from them. And if you want to go all out with the customization, they can also put a logo, or anything you design, on any of these devices.

If you want to treat yourself to something really fabulous (or maybe put it on your wish list for your birthday or any other important date coming up), check out the Tulip Ego Laptops. Made by Dutch company Ego Lifestyle B.V. and first introduced at the 2006 Milan Fashion Week, these incredibly stylish laptops with their rounded corners and chrome handles look more like a chic pocketbook than an actual, working laptop. This pricey gadget (they run about $ 5,000 for the basic leather design to over $ 350,000 for the diamond-encrusted edition) became available in the US in the fall of 2006 and is currently only available from Avant Gallery in Miami Beach. But should your travels take you to Europe, Asia or the Middle East, you’ll have the opportunity to shop for them in numerous stores.

Right now is a great time to shop for a new notebook – many companies offer “back to school” savings and you can get a fabulous pink laptop for less than $ 500. Sadly, I wasn’t able to find any deals on the Tulip Egos, but you never know – miracles do happen!

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