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Overcoming Insecurities, and Not Sure What You Should Do?

By December 28, 2016Ego

Are you overcoming insecurities, and not sure what you should do?

Well, first off, stop being so unsure.

When overcoming your insecurities, things may get really difficult, and it can make us even more overwhelmed and insecure than we were to begin! Sound like we’re acting in vain here?

Well, no, not at all.

When you are working on overcoming all of your insecurities, it’s similar to cleaning out a very cluttered garage.

At the very beginning, you feel overwhelmed when you face what you have to clear out.

You start tossing stuff around (realizing your insecurities) and you begin feeling like there’s no way you’ll ever get through everything.

You feel like you should quit, but you keep on pushing.

Eventually, stuff gets even messier in there, and you feel like you’re worse off than you were when you began!

In actuality, you are coming close to getting rid of your trash (overcoming your insecurities), and you just need to do a little more work. You have to give yourself the necessary time to clear out the rest of the trash and put everything in its appropriate place.

You realize you had a lot of treasures hidden in that junk, but it was all being hidden from you because you had not yet taken on the task of overcoming your insecurities.

Overcoming your insecurities will send you right back to where you are now.

But you’ll be a better, more assured person.

The first step in overcoming your insecurities is acknowledging what the insecurities actually are.

Could it be that you don’t think you’re the type of person that deserves a good job?

Do you have a problem imagining your ideal person being interested in someone like you?

What insecurities must you get over before you know it is alright to feel great about who you are?

Ask that question of yourself, and really listen for the answer. No reason to worry. I can wait.

Once you know the insecurity you will be overcoming, decide to yourself right now that you’re going to plow right through it.

Overcoming insecurities is one thing, but facing it and acknowledging that it DOES NOT have any power over you is a force ten times stronger.

You won’t need to do anything crazy, but you’ll have to get uncomfortable at times.

If you are comfortable, you are not growing, and you aren’t overcoming insecurities in the least bit.

Overcoming insecurities is like a baby taking their first steps.

How many times have you seen a baby give up because things were difficult or uncomfortable?

How many times does the baby fail before it succeeds?

A lot right?

And still, they keep trying until they’ve got it down pat. Then they learn to speak. Then they learn…to learn. And then, they overcome insecurities.

Insecurities are a BIG part of your ego.

Now, I don’t believe that the ego is a part of me…or any of us.

I wonder if the ego is a sort of toxic by product of people that have yet to overcome their own insecurities, and somehow whisper their suggestions to us.

What am I talking about?

Suppose you want a car. If it’s a car because you genuinely want that car, that’s you, wanting a car.

If you want that car because “It’ll be so damn cool,” that’s your ego.

If you are trying to win over someone of the opposite sex, just because your friends will be completely jealous, that’s your ego.

Overcoming insecurities is not hard, but it isn’t easy.

It’s like getting rid of the clutter that jerk “Ego” stowed away in your garage.

You’ll sweat, you’ll cuss, and it might be very uncomfortable at times, but you can do it.

That trash isn’t yours, so don’t own it.

So take the Red Pill, and come see us in the morning.

EGO ft. Robert Burian - Žijeme len raz |OFFICIAL VIDEO|



Lyrics and voice by Michal Ego Straka
Music by Robert Burian
Recorded by Peter Šíma
Vocals by Alexandra Vičíková and Simon
Mixed by Marek Šurin

– RukaHore VideoLaboratory
© TvojTatko Records
Video Rating: / 5

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