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Love With Your Heart: Ego Can Kill Your Relationship

By February 13, 2017Ego

It is always easier for a man to seduce a beautiful woman without the loss of egoistic personality and pride. Women are always used to getting a man hit on them all the time. However, this is not the case with some seductive women. Some women find it hard to express their heartfelt feelings regardless of how pressing they might be and when they do; rejection is the last thing they expect. This terribly kills her ego.

I first had my serious relationship when I was 17. My first girlfriend, Myra a beautiful girl an half cast of a Moroccan and a French. Her beauty extended beyond any imaginations. She had gorgeous large eyes and a perfect body for the girl of her age. Her perfect body shape attracted the attention of my friends with some nicknaming her as Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo).

We started dating after two months of meeting but the circumstances that led to our relationship frankly jolted my emotions. One day, Myra told me that she had something important to tell me but she was so embarrassed to say it. I insisted, she took a while but finally opened up. What she said was the least expected.

She opened up her heart and she expressed how much she had fallen in love with me. It was the first time in my life that I once felt the art of a woman’s seduction. This came to me as a huge surprise; I never expected this from her, let alone from a gal as beautiful as Myra. However, I tried to hide my happiness as much as possible. I didn’t want to admit directly that I liked her as well.

Suddenly, I woke up to the reality. My surprise had taken toll of me and I was almost falling for this supposed trap. My defensiveness did something that no other should ever do to a girl. I gathered enough courage, boosted by my growing ego and I told her that it was wrong for her to love me because it was too early for us to start a relationship.

Myra broke up with me after two weeks. When this occurred, I was the one crying that I loved her; I wanted her to give me another chance. It took me about two years to completely let go of Myra. I felt upbeat and depressed for her loss because of a girl. It is now 12 years down the line and I have not forgotten the look of deception on her face when I faked how I felt for her.

In retrospect, I rejected her proposal in the first place because I felt unworthy of her love. I rationalized things because I felt very uncomfortable at the idea of someone loving me. My reaction was elicited probably by my ego. Some love gurus would call it an “inner game’ issue that every human being exhibits.

This story should teach you not to repeat the mistake I made myself. I shouldn’t have let my ego take over what I truly felt for Myra. You should learn to love with your heart and not your mind. Do not let your egoistic personality to take over very important decisions of your life.

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