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Learn to Let Go – Part 3

By February 7, 2017Ego

In the earlier parts, we saw that we have all faced periods in our life where we need to learn to let go. We start to accumulate baggage which includes fears, misbehaviors, and secrets. As we grow into young adults, we start to become secretive about out friends and activities, and that becomes our baggage. As we date, marry and grow old, we find that we add to our baggage. Before we realize it, we have accumulated a ton of old baggage that has started wearing us down and out.


Feeling blue, tired and sad is something that many feel occasionally, but when those things last more than 2 weeks, it is time to get a physical check up to make sure there is nothing wrong with you, so your doctor can determine why you feel like you do. Sometimes it is caused by depression, an illness that is caused by lack of certain chemicals in the brain. Depression is not something that you can tell yourself you need to get over or think it is not serious. It can be very serious if left untreated, so you first need to find out the cause from a doctor and if it is nothing more than sadness and being tired, then you need to let go depression. Depression zaps all your energy and makes you feel worthless, so you need to learn to let go if it is not an illness.


This is a very serious topic and subject and affects both men and women. Abuse can be physical, mental, emotional or sexual and the best thing to do is to completely remove yourself from any situation where you are exposed to it. If you have children, then it is doubly important to get out before any long term effects on the psyche or body has happened. Many adults today live with the scars of abuse. It demoralizes its victim and ruins their self esteem, so at all costs, you MUST let go of abuse and not take it any longer.


Everybody knows somebody who carries a big black cloud with them and is always negative about everything. They never have anything good to say, but always have complaints and problems that they share with you. These people leave so much negative energy behind when they are finished that they are known as “toxic”. It is very important to surround yourself with optimists, people who are very positive and happy. When you are surrounded by negative energy, you become tired and will find yourself becoming negative, too. By any and all means, it is important to let go of negative energy.


This is usually an illness that needs both physical and mental intervention. When you suffer from addictions, many people feel as though it is something that you can control. Addictions are an illness like diabetes. We don’t know why some people have it and others do not, but fortunately, both can be controlled IF you want to. To have happiness, you need to let go of your addictions. This is not only for people who have drug or alcohol addictions, but also for people with food, sexual, or even exercise addiction. Addictions need to be evaluated, corrected and then let go.


On a totally different note, there is one item that is opposite from having low self esteem and that is a big ego. Whereas some people don’t ever feel good about themselves, there are others who have enormous egos. They believe that they are the best at everything or “God’s gift to the human race”. They have such competiveness in their blood that they are almost unbearable. If this describes you, then you need to work at letting go of your ego.

Some of the biggest baggage that we carry includes things that we don’t even think about anymore. Those things, however, need to be addressed and eliminated the best way that we know how. Some of the baggage includes the following.

Letting go of fear

Letting go of old relationships

Letting go of grief

Letting go of loved ones

Letting go of disappointments

Letting go prejudice

Letting go of material possessions

Letting go of depression

Letting go of abuse

Letting go of negative energy

Letting go of addictions

Letting go of ego

These are the things that we need to learn to let go of, so we can fully enjoy life. It may take some effort but the results will be very pleasing. So evaluate all the areas in your life and see which ones you should be Learn To Let Go.

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