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I’m Too Tired to Transition

By June 2, 2017Ego

If you don’t make the transition that you long for, then you’ll continue to feel tired. It’s the current situation that’s making you tired, not the transition. The transition is the approach to shift and eventually relieve you from your energetic drain. Stress and unhappiness negatively impact your health. As spiritual beings, we are all entitled to an abundance of joy. This is not only for our greater good, but also for the universal good.
If transitions were easy they would be performed more frequently. Varying degrees of transition require different approaches. How wonderful would it be to find peace, joy, and happiness through a transition in a relaxed state of mind, body, and soul? What’s your plan?

Evaluate What’s Making You Tired
For many, it’s keeping up with the Jones’. Additionally, for some it’s the amount of money in the bank accounts. In an ego-centric universe, the “stuff” determines our wealth. In a spiritually-centric universe, our peace and joy determines what I call “wellth.” Take a look at the activities and/or people who are exhausting you. Keep in mind – it may be you draining yourself. Don’t judge it and don’t interpret it, but recognize that which is causing you the stress and fatigue.

Picture Your Perfect World
Now, answer the statement: “If only I could…” or “If I could do it all over again, I’d…” Close your eyes and visualize the complete statement. What does it smell like? What color is it? What sounds do you hear? How does your body feel? How relaxed are you, mentally and physically? Now smile and focus on the best aspect of your dream. What aspect of that visualization made you smile? Was it a person, place, or thing?

What’s Preventing Your Dream
In looking at the two extremes (the current and future states) you identified above, what’s the difference between what’s currently consuming your energy and your optimal state of mind, body, and soul? Again, don’t judge yourself or others – just identify the difference without any expectations or fear. Make a list of the top 5 characteristics that come to mind – the differences between A and B.

The Plan
Take the 5 characteristics that you identified and prioritize them. Which stands out as the most significant? Which the least? For a second time, close your eyes and visualize that most significant characteristic. Take a deep breath in and then out. Scan your body…in what area of your body are you feeling the characteristic? If you’re not feeling anything, then it’s possible you have too much going on in your head and you struggle to relax. For some it’s generally just difficult to visualize and feel a connection between your mind and body. What a wonderful opportunity to develop a new skill!

What’s going on in your head? Is there heaviness in your heart? How’s the pit of your stomach (solar plexus?) Now, concentrate on dropping and relaxing your shoulders. Yet again, close your eyes and visualize your dream. What is the number one activity you envision could move you towards your dream? It may be large or small. Don’t stress about ‘what it will take’ – just identify the first step. How could you put positive energy towards that first step to your dream?
The first step isn’t necessarily a commitment, but an investigation and momentum towards joy and happiness? Who can support you in taking that first step? To learn more about how to take the first step and to obtain unconditional support in the transition to your dream, follow on to http://jentlewellness.com and select the “Free Trial Coaching Session” button.

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