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Hypnotherapy in Focus

By February 12, 2017Ego

Hypnotherapy is a medical technique which makes use of the idea of hypnosis to treat patients. It works differently with the treatment that goes with hypnotherapy because with hypnotism, an individual focuses on his inside thoughts rather than the external stimuli. In effect, a person is more aware of his thoughts and in more control of his subconscious. When under hypnosis, the ego or inner self of a person becomes even more sensitive to the suggestions of the hypnotist. Thus, the critical judgment of the patient is suspended making him to easily accept better suggestions. Hypnosis is used as therapy and commonly applied to people who want to stop doing bad habits and those who are full of anxieties, and people with physical pains. During cases wherein a person wants to stop from doing unwanted things, the hypnotist or therapist first induces the patient into a deep sleep and then gently suggests and recommends things that will lead the individual to stop doing the deed he is addicted with.

In hypnotherapy, the therapist also taps the life experiences of the person before the unwanted addiction has been developed. However, since these life experiences are vast and are stored in the subconscious memory, the hypnotherapist need to get into the person’s subconscious mind first to see what was hidden in there. Once in a deep trance, the hypnotherapist brings out these past experiences so that the patient can remember what it was when he was still not into an addiction or problem. Once the patient starts to remember his past state, he will also start to develop an aversion to his current addictions like smoking or binge eating for example.

In the past years, this branch of medical technique has not been so popular because of people’s fear that a hypnotherapist can gain control over people’s mind and ask them to do bad things that would be against their will. This is largely a misconception because hypnotherapy cannot be done without the approval of the patient and treatments have proven that indeed hypnotherapy can greatly reduce bad habits, cure emotional dilemma and heal patients who are deeply disturbed by anxieties.

Actually no one can get into hypnosis if the person will not allow a hypnotist to do hypnotism on him so it is a misconception that anyone can get into the mind of a person that fast and tell him what to do. The therapist, with the approval of the patient, simply opens a hidden door in subconscious mind of the patient and take out what negative hidden feeling are in there and replace these bad feelings into more positive feeling and that is treatment is all about.

Hypnosis treatment is used to build ego and strengthen self-confidence as well as the development of dynamic insight of the patient. When it comes to ego strengthening, hypnosis is mainly used to suggest things that can help develop the self-confidence of a person. The therapist will also help the patient to deal with his current mental issues by talking to the patient while he is in the state of trance. That way, the individual can easily get over his intense emotional state by expressing it out.

For those who want removal of symptoms of bad habits, direct suggestion is used to persuade the person to change his ways. This method can also be used for those who want to temporarily stop intense physical pains. The development of dynamic insight is also the same as the ego strengthening except that special methods are also used to help the patient understand what causes and produce his emotional dilemmas. In this part, the individual also settles his conflicts with his inner self.

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