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Exotic Car Owners – Sexy, Ego Or Both?

By February 28, 2017Ego

Exotic car owners are a unique brand of people. They are movie stars, sports athletes, successful business men and women and rich. They all have several things in common. Money, egos and usually the thought of showing off their supposed sex appeal. They are everywhere to be found from big cities to rural America. They have been around since Henry Ford first introduced his Model T. The most important common thread is that they have the money.

To some people, owning a Ferrari or a Lamborghini or an Aston Martin is the American dream. Only a select few however fulfill those dreams. A new Lamborghini might run you $ 250,000.00 or more. A new 2007 Ferrari model 612 will set you back about $ 270,000.00. That 2008 Aston Martin Volante you have been eyeing will run around $ 185,000.00. Ferdinand Porsche once said I could not find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself. Was that ego, money or both? How about this for sexy by the comedienne Rita Rudner, To attract men I wear perfume called New Car Interior. The fact is people are mesmerized by cars, especially exotic cars. So, whether economic conditions are good or bad, people who can afford them still want their sexy exotic cars whether they are new or even used.

If you have the money, you buy the exotic car that appeals to you the most. The really interesting thing I have noticed is many of the exotic car buyers grow tired of their exotic cars very quickly. They bought their new toy and satisfied their ego. Then something happens. What it is I’m really quite sure. Apparently the thrill of that new Ferrari has worn off. After about one year or less they want something different. They want something newer with more bells and whistles. Something sexier or faster. Something that will satisfy that new ego itch that needs to be scratched.

That common thread they all have – money, makes it easier for them to buy what they want, when they want. It is a unique trait that most of them have. It definitely is an asset for the exotic car dealerships because they know it happens and they have these clients coming back every year or so to buy something new. Some of the exotic car owners look to sell their cars privately rather than just trade it in for a new one. Having lots of money doesn’t necessarily mean that you know how to sell your car privately or where to go to do it. Most usually turn to one or both of the biggest online car marketers in the country. Both are excellent companies; however they market every make of car and model.

That is why there are some very good online car marketing companies who specialize in luxury and exotic cars only. They bring together the exotic car sellers with the exotic and luxury car buyers. These sites offer a unique variety of luxury and exotic cars for the discriminate owner.

So whether you are rich and famous or just rich, you still need to know that you should use an expert to help you sell your exotic car.