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Egoism Is Bad

By July 26, 2017Ego

Let’s talk about the ego. How is ego connected to being good with women? Well, egoism is not good for your success with women. Sure, there are many jerks and egoists out there that have women, but they are usually either rich or famous. You need to be different in an attractive way. Egoism is not the way of succeeding at anything. If you want to be happy and successful, let go of the ego.

“What do you do?” This is the most acceptable question in our society. People will ask you this a lot. When women ask you this, don’t bother explaining. Too many people think that their job is their identity. It is just something you do and it doesn’t say nothing about who you are. Don’t treat your job as an important thing. It’s not who you are. You just make money by working.

Do you guard your image a lot? Almost all men do this. They try to seem strong and invincible all the time. It’s their little ego trying to protect them. Well, nothing bad will happen if you admit that you cannot do something in front of women. Seeming hard and strong is just bragging. You are not Superman. We are all humans and we feel weakness and pain all the time. Don’t hide that from women.

Do you go crazy when you are not right about something? So many men struggle so hard at being right all the time. They can never accept criticism. They need to be right all the time. I hate these egoists. They do this because they are very weak and because they are scared. Their ego will get hurt when they admit something. It’s good when your ego gets hurt. So admit that you’re never right.

So what if someone hurts you verbally? You are not actually getting hurt. Your ego is getting hurt. Just let it go.

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