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Don’t let your ego get hurt with repeated premature ejaculation

By June 26, 2017Ego

If you are having a date for the first time with your girl friend then nervousness and anxiety in bed is quite natural. This happens sometimes when you want to do your best in the bed and impress your girlfriend with your bedroom expertise! But don’t make it a habit of fearing to lose grip of your ejaculation and coming out too quickly, though the process is natural and nothing to be solely blamed to you, you can avoid getting into a fix start with some simple muscles exercise so that your girls don’t call you Mr. quick in whatever you do including sex and end up and wind up fast comparatively before your girl is satisfied. Once in a while coming out very quickly sis quite understood when the semen stored spills out just like a glass of water overflows if you add more water.

Premature ejaculation though not a big count but still one out of every five, still a big count face such embarrassing moment not only while first time sex but also during the rest of the lives. Frequent early ejaculation can satisfy none and leads to unnecessary fights and men hurting their ego blaming themselves for no fault of theirs. The process of ejaculation is natural and important for conception. But some men end up within few minutes of penetrating while rests die down before entering or during foreplay. Premature ejaculation is considered as a psychological problem first and then a sexual problems. Because men who are aware of their weakness tend to think negative on their sexual performance and tend to blow out. Sex is a means to satisfy sexual needs but lack of penetration and pre sex anxiety can make your ejaculatory process to accelerate the fluid leakage.

Simple exercises and small tips can help you get over a big issue of controlling premature ejaculation on your own. Talking about your problems with your partner will simplify half of your problems. As if she is aware of how you are feeling depressed with the condition then both of you can come together to deal with the situation more easily. Rather than fights, blame games and competing egos, finding a solution with small exercises would mean a lot in improving your sexual relationship because only with her help you would be able to restore your sexual potency. Few methods of start and stop can help in squeezing out excess semen in the middle of the sex and continue your activity.

Don’t rush for the intercourse, take your time undressing and foreplay so that your organ is ready to break the silence and start with love making session. Anxiety before sex should be replaced with calm and composure so that you are relaxed and feel easy about your sex. Kegel exercises is said to have helped many troubled men where it helps to give your pelvic muscles good exercise to strengthen them and hold back ejaculations. Repeated clenching and loosing of the pelvic muscles daily for at least 10 seconds are enough to make your PC muscles to get used to hold back the unnecessary semen discharge.

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