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Beware The Ego: They Destroyer Of Online Profits

By February 13, 2017Ego

Cruise any internet marketing forum and you’re bound to come across the copywriters. Those self described kings of influence and persuasion. They drop names, tell stories, and generally puff up their chests at anybody who’ll listen. They love to tell you the difference between true “copywriters” and “content writers.”

Yes, copywriters do have a very valuable skill. And yes, if you do learn copywriting, you can make tons of money with just a little effort, and live anywhere in the world. But there’s one thing standing between you and online riches:

Your ego.

Why is that? There’s an old adage in magic. Be bold, and be silent. What in the world does this mean?

Consider two marketers: One is half ego, half skill. He spends half his time convincing people how skilled he is. He drops names, talks about all the trainings he’s been on, and all the contests he’s won. As soon as he gets hired, half of his job is done. The job of getting recognition. Since half of his job is done, how good of a job on a sales letter will he do?

The second guy is all skill. He lives the first rule of Fight Club: Never talk about Fight Club. He makes his living through his conversions. People know him because he makes them money. He doesn’t brag, he doesn’t spend half his time in internet forums collecting online credibility. He just sharpens his skills, so he can make even more money.

Which guy would you rather be? Which guy would you rather have on your team? The guy who is always depending on people believing in his skill, or the guy that is constantly delivering the goods. The first guy is always feeling the need to market himself. The second guy is letting his reputation speak for him.

The first guy needs to spend tons of money on advertising. The second guy has a list of clients a mile long simply from referrels.

Which guy do you want to be?

The first guy is always worried about his image. He wants to be known as a copywriter. As a closer, as a salesman. (Put that coffee down!) The second guy just wants to be incredibly wealthy so he can live the life of his dreams.

Which guy do you want to be?

Think of it this way. You can feed your ego, or you can feed your bank account. You’ll have a hard time doing both. Kill your ego, and you’ll get rich.

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