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Are There Any Good Website Teachers Out There?

By December 14, 2016Ego T Website
ego t website

Current website teachers on the Internet are either too advanced or too high-minded for most of us newbies.

Maybe it’s just me, but finding someone who can teach a person with few computer skills to build websites has been very difficult.

A lot of time and money escaped my grasp as I searched for a program or person who could teach me the skills I needed. I thought at one point I was just too dumb to understand it all.

Like many out there, I bought into several promises made by so-called website teachers, but almost all the programs I purchased or joined fell far short of what I really needed.

I knew almost nothing about computers except how to send emails, surf the Net and write a letter or two. The whole concept of building websites, learning computer code and uploading was seeming even more impossible to attain the longer I tried. I nearly quit trying on more than one occasion as the frustration level kept building.

The website teachers I found were mostly young people who had been around computers all their lives and I guess assumed everyone knew what they did. For this newbie, that was certainly not the case. I was behind before I even started.

Some of those self-appointed website teachers seemed to even cop an attitude about the process. They come across as though it was beneath them to stoop to a basic level of learning and insisted in talking in geek-speak, which left a lot of us behind.

There was one guy I was told about that must of had an ego the size of the State of Maine. Though I won’t mention his name, he referred to himself as the “newbie guru”.

One story I was told represents some of the ego characteristics associated with some of the current website teachers. When it was suggested by a student that this instructor start at a more elementary beginning point in his courses to allow more people to learn more easily, he retorted:

“Don’t you presume to tell me what a newbie wants! I OWN all the newbies in the world!”

Now there’s a great attitude to have! Who would want to try and learn from a guy like that?

The student who got the tongue-lashing was said to have keep his cool, but made up his mind right then and there to create a course of his own as soon as he could to cater to all the Internet newbies in the world that he could sense were there.

Some call it kismet, others fate. As my luck would have it, I met this student shortly after he created this course and signed right up. As it turns out hundreds of others did too.

The world became a great place again after I started his course. The teaching style was relaxed and very informative. It was broken into bite-size bits that made it easy to understand and the learning was fast. This former student had become one of the best website teachers on the Internet. He had fulfilled his promise and now thousands were going to benefit.

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