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What About The Electronic Cigarette?

ego electronic cigarette

The concept of vapor cigarette was invented by Herbert A.Gilbert in 1963. E-cigarette was the subject of a patent in 1965, described the project that replaced the paper cigarette and tobacco with electronic cigarette and heated liquid, however, the project never was completed.

One can easily imagine that the tobacco industry knew at that time a major boom and change was about to happen. It was very popular to smoke, and smoking was a common act to all sociology-professional categories.

Hon Lik, creator and founder of the electronic cigarette, Herbert Gilbert invented the concept of the cigarette in 1963, however the project never made any real success. The project was therefore abandoned because certainly deemed “uninteresting or unprofitable,” so it’s Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist and engineer who took the time to market e-cigarette in 2003. This pharmacist realized after his father died of cancer most likely related to many Carcinogenic substances such as nitrosamines that tobacco was concentrated poison related to the combustion alone and had to be remedied by finding a solution simple and effective weaning.

Which electronic cigarettes is good for you?

The large majority of e-cigarettes manufacture are located in Asia. Patents and manufacturing authorizations are in China, which is why this area is specialized in this field of activity, as it is clear that the experience and the low cost of labor used to charge prices reasonable which is not the case in other parts of the world.

In general, the component should be selected specifically like the liquid refill because it is the product which can have adverse health consequences in case of poor quality.

What is the evolution of electronic cigarettes since its creation?

Like all products of consumption, cigarette vapor been many investments in research and development to provide customers with products that meet their expectations always better.

That is why we noticed that the electronic cigarette which was basically a disposable product, that is to say with a predetermined dose of liquid allowed vaping users 200 puffs for example, became a rechargeable product and equipped with the sophisticated EGO Battery System.

The main advantage of systems cleromizers is a perfect seal that sometimes leave much to be desired systems atomizers. The system clearomizer peaked with the EGO CE4 Stardust system that has conquered thousands of people due to its ease of use and quality of steam. Since the output of CE4 model in 2013, the number of sold clearomizer exploded with the arrival of the pioneers of e-cigarette brands.

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