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Unboxing 1100mAh 1.6ml eGo-CE4 Electronic tobacco cigarette + E-Liquid

By September 17, 2016Ego Electronic Cigarette

Title for the Product: E-cigarette
Battery pack Means: Rechargeable Li-ion Power
Battery capability: 1100mAh
Atomizer kind: eGo-CE4
Atomizer ability: 1.6ml
Complete Battery Pack Could Well Keep For: approx. 900 puffs
Lifetime of electric battery: three hundred days billing
USB Charger Input: DC 5V
USB Charger Production: DC 4.2V, 420mAh
Volume: 1
Shade: Black
Bundle Content: 1 x E-cigarette, 1 x USB Charger
Web body weight:44 grams / 1.54 oz
Dimensions: 155 x 14 x fourteen mm / 6.045 x 0.546 x 0.546 inches
Movie Rating: / five