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E cigarettes may cut down deaths and diseases caused by smoking

By October 9, 2016Ego Ecig
ego ecig

What’s the best way to shorten your life? No, it’s not bad driving, visiting a crime-ridden neighborhood or arguing with your mother-in-law! Believe it or not, the top spot goes to smoking.

Experts in Australia and other nations agree that smoking can greatly reduce your lifespan. Unlike electronic cigarettes or e cigs that are considered safer, smoking tobacco is a major no-no. The more tobacco cigarettes you smoke, the closer you get to the grave.

In Australia alone, e-cig users will be shocked to know that smoking is a major cause of lung cancer – the leading cause of death in both men and women. This is the fourth most common cancer in both sexes. In 2007, there were 9,703 lung cancer cases and 7,626 deaths. Daily, the disease kills 13 men and 8 women in that country.

Indeed, smoking can cause a host of ailments that reads like a grocery list – lung, throat, stomach and bladder cancer, heart disease, stroke, and emphysema to name a few. Smokers are also more susceptible to diseases like asthma, osteoporosis, bronchitis and pneumonia.

Just how many years can tobacco smoking take away from your life? Researchers at the University of Bristol in England revealed that every cigarette you use shortens your lifespan by 11 minutes. When you add up the numbers, you’ll find that smoking 10 cigarettes a day for 10 years will quickly remove nine months of your life!

Electronic cigarettes users learned from Action and Smoking on Health Australia that a 30-year-old tobacco smoker can probably live for only 35 years whereas a 30-year-old non-smoker will reach the age of 53. University of California researchers disclosed that each pack of cigarettes you smoke can shorten your life by two months.

This is not surprising since regular cigarettes are laced with 600 ingredients that are harmful to the body. As tobacco burns, it creates 4,000 chemicals, many of which can wreak havoc on your whole being.

These frightening facts are the reason why many smokers in Australia and the rest of the world are turning to e cigs that can be purchased at any e-cig online store, ecig online shop or e-cigarette supplier. For these people, e-cigs provide a convenient way of enjoying smoking without the suffering associated with the habit. Electric cigarettes enable smokers to control and reduce the amount of nicotine they take. This eventually makes them quit smoking in an easy and pain-free way.

Switching to e cigarettes can make a big difference in your life because electronic cigarettes don’t burn tobacco and release harmful smoke. Since they contain lower amounts of nicotine, researchers in Australia and other countries said that e cigs may reduce tobacco cravings, ease withdrawal symptoms, and help people quit smoking.

If you value life and want to reach a ripe old age, then clearly e-cigs are the best option for you. You don’t have to go far to look for electronic cigarettes online. Electric cigarettes are the wave of the future and the answer to people who seriously want to quit smoking. Buy an e cigarette in Australia now and start living a happier, healthier life.

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