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Begin Experiencing Electronic Cigars

By October 12, 2016Ego Ecig
ego ecig

Electronic cigars are gaining more and more popularity these days. When some first timers wish to try these alternatives as against original cigars, some are opting for these alternatives to bring down the effects of smoking with normal cigars. If you are planning for a purchase of this item, the details given below will be of great help to you:

5S II Tank: This is actually an updated version of 5S and it has a more fashionable and beautiful look as against its predecessor. Here are the features to know:

1. The compatibility with 510 and EGO series batteries and its adjustable airflow function makes it the best choice among ecig enthusiasts.

2. The larger air vapor facility is possible because of the 1.8 ml capacity tank and dual coil heating.

3. The huge vapor is possible in 5S II tank also because of the bottom dual coil clearomizer and 1.8 resistance huge vapor maker.

4. The users can vape safely for longer time because of the food-grade plastic tank and its 1.8ml capacity to hold eliquid.

5. The wonderful feature that can attract purchasers of this model is that they can adjust air flow with just a twisting function that can be found in the bottom of the unit.

6. This 5S II tank can fit effectively with EGO series batteries and it is compatible with 510 nozzle.

CE4 Clearomizer: The great thing about this device is that it is available in different colors for the purchasers to choose from. The rare red, the beautiful blue, great green, yelling yellow, pleasing black and many other colors are available for the purchasers. Here are some features to know:

1. It can generate thick vapor, thereby providing a great deal of vaping excitement to the users.

2. The excellent throat hit, wonderful design and shape can make this the right choice for those looking for ecig with the best aesthetic appeal.

3. It is easy to wash as the heating coil can be detached and replaced.

4. The users will find scale mark in Ce4 clearomizer, which will clearly show them the level of eliquid available

5. The drip tip that is included in the Ce4 clearomizer screws on with a plug and spill that makes the device spill resistant.

Not only these two models of ecigs, there are companies that sell other accessories like Evod Battery and Ego VV battery through their website.

So, if you already own an e-cig, but looking for a battery replacement for your device, you can go for Ego VV battery or Evod battery after analyzing compatibility.

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