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Some Important Information on E-Cigarette Batteries UK

By August 11, 2017Ecig Batteries
ecig batteries

Batteries available with E-cig are inseparable part of e-cigarettes. Started from avoiding exploding batteries to increasing the life of your electronic cigarette battery, here is some of the important information that you should know about the vapors. The information is right away based on the dozens of customer queries that we have received in the last few years, but if there is something you desire to know which is not covered in this channel just leave a query in the comments!

There are two types of Battery available that is automatic and manual. Most of the smokers give preference to the automatic batteries as they consider it better than people who give preference to the manual batteries as they need to be with Ecigarette Kits which matches conventional tobacco cigarettes.

There are few examples with the regular batteries. If some inhale on a cigalike with an automatic battery, a sensor notices the rush of air and right away activates the battery. However, on the other hand, the manual battery you dishearten the button to stimulate the battery.

Benefits of Automatic E-Cigarette Batteries UK

* Friendly to use
* The appearance is just similar to a regular cigarette
* Normally needs a shorter charging time
* May face a delay between puffing or even inhaling the vapour
Benefits of Manual ECig Batteries
* Normally possess more power and gives a more vapour and a improved ‘throat hit’
* Gives additional control and normally a longer cut off period
* Needs additional expertise
* It promises for a longer life as compared to the automatic batteries simply due to larger size
* Can normally be turned on or off just by clicking five time on the battery
* Normally have a longer life as compared to the automatic batteries

Battery Voltage v/s Battery Capacity

It is one of the things that actually confuse several ecigarette users is the variation between battery capacity and voltage.

The battery ability on electronic cigarette batteries is usually calculated in milli amp hours (mAh). If the mAh rating is higher, it remains the higher capacity of the battery and it assures for longer life. The majority of the non-adjustable electronic cigarette batteries have efficiency of 3.7 volts. A battery having a capacity of 1100mAh will be capable to output 3.7 volts for bigger than a battery that has an ability of 180mAh, but both can bring up the same voltage.

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