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The next quit smoking device is Electronic Cigarette

By November 24, 2016E Smart Electronic Cigarette

The smart innovations for health and environment are necessary and one such development is e cigarette. I am not sure when this concept was designed as some says it was in late 1960’s while other assumes late 1990’s but what I am certain about are impressive electronic cigarette starter kit environmental and health benefits as compared to tobacco cigarettes.

Initially there were couple of manufacturers of ecigs that are primarily Chinese but with time e-cig starter kit increased their demand that opens the door for several new players as well. If you smoke tobacco or someone close to you smokes tobacco then I would like to share some of its benefits of ecigs so that they can switch over ecigs.

Benefits of ecigarette over conventional cigarettes
1. It does not contain any carcinogenic substance as in tobacco cigarette.
2. No clouds of smoke.
3. It does not produce tar and ashes.
4. Some of the models of ecigs are rechargeable.
5. They are portable and easy to carry while travelling.
6. It does not cover under smoking ban that means you can smoke them in all public places without any restriction.
7. No risk of cancer like diseases.
8. Unlike conventional cigarette you can choose several flavours in pre-filled cartridges.
These are some of the benefits of ecigs that I found appreciable over tobacco cigarette. But I will not be bias with you by simply describing its benefits only. As there are certain health concerns that are raised by WHO and several other independent health groups of free electronic cigarette starter kit.

Here are few points that need explanation on e-cig starter kit safety:

1. If you are planning to quit smoking then ecigs definitely is not your alternative as it contains liquid nicotine.
2. Liquid nicotine is main cause of addiction and harmful for human system if consumed in excess because it constricts the blood vessels that restricts the blood flow and finally cause heart stroke.
3. On burning electronic cigarette also releases some compounds that also suspected to be harmful.

Making the right selection on electronic cigarette starter kit
There are innumerable brands in electronic cigarette that are specifically designed for those who need a boost of nicotine but want to avoid tobacco. However, for the novice it is hard to choose the best e-cig starter kit. Therefore a good comparison is essential to select the best and that is where Compare-ecig.com can help you.

Whether you are interested in buying the electronic cigarette starter kit or getting a free electronic cigarette starter kit it is essential that you get the quality at its best to avoid any health issue in future. For better decision making always research, compare the select the most suitable e-cig brand.

An introduction to the eSmart Electronic Cigarette by ezSmoke
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