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The Short History On E-Cigarettes

By July 5, 2017E Pipe
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Over thirty percent of the entire world’s population are hurting themselves by smoking regular cigarettes. Our childrens’ children will probably ask us if it is true in the old days people were dumb enough to burn leaves straight into their mouths for fun.

Tobacco kills one person every six seconds. Ok. So what is this E-smoking really and is it a viable safer alternative? Yes it is. E-smoking started gaining momentum around February of 2007 though it originates in 2003 when a company known as “SBT Investment Holdings Limited” – acquired Best Partners Worldwide Limited – the former entity that was established for the manufacturing and sales of electronic cigarettes.

This Group took an active position in developing the market under the brand name of Ruyan in 2004. Hon Lik of Ruyan – in China, created the simply named “E-cigarette” being the name brand first associated with the product of this genre. This company, located in Futian District, Shenzhen China invented the first non-combustion (smokeless) cigarette available. Ruyan did and still does work hard to patent, distribute and commercialize the e-cigarette.

Ruyan’s original intention was not to make a full time smoking alternative, but rather something to use only when one was in a non-smoking area. Now we have turned the device into a full time hobby to substitute for regular cigarettes which is considerably better for you. Ruyan is distributed in the United States through Sun Ridge Distribution Incorporated. Some say Ruyan e-cigs are the Cadillac of e-smokes, others say it’s a high priced mediocre experience.

Ruyan also has a distributor named Ruyan America in Minneapolis. The Ruyan motto is oddly “Until you quit, show you care”. At one point in time, E-Cigarettes were trying to be a smokeless tobacco quitting aid, and it seemingly does work well at that. However, sadly in September 2008, the World Health Organization issued a release proclaiming that it does not consider the e-cigarette to have enough research to be considered a legitimate smoking cessation aid.

After trying these for a few days, many users realized they don’t wish to quit nicotine flat out and want to continue smoking e-cigarettes as a hobby. Since then these cigarettes have not been marketed as a quitting smoking device. It should never really have been marketed as a quitting device.

It is an alternative, like pipe smoking, or hookah smoking, or chewing tobacco. The flavor of an e-cigarette is similar; but not quite to that of a burnt tobacco cigarette because it’s hard to mimic the gross burning flavor we all grew to love. We would say that they taste much more like a hookah then anything else on the market, but it sure isn’t a hookah or any kind of bong or water pipe. It’s an electronic cigarette.

Today E-cigs are fast gaining popularity, but many sources are working against it and as a result it may become a rare hobby. The sources claim it needs to be regulated and might cause more harm then good. More harm then a regular cigarette apparently.

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