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Steps Taken Once A Frozen Pipe Is Detected

By January 18, 2017E Pipe
e pipe

One of the often neglected hazards of winter is frozen pipes. Unfortunately, many people are ill prepared for dealing with a frozen pipe.

The accepted method to avoid pipes from freezing over is to maintain the water temperature in lukewarm condition. Alternatively, it is necessary not to leave your water heating off for longer periods of time. Instead, situate a tiny heater that is likely to freeze; otherwise you can go for a high wattage bulb to get the same output.

The other possible way is when you are away from home for some days then leave the taps in your house in dripping mode. It will make sure that the water in the pipes is in flowing condition and thus will check the water in the pipes from freezing.

Whilst many of us will have to deal with plumbing that is already installed, if you happen to be in the enviable position of having new plumbing installed, then do not have the pipes fitted to the outside of external walls. For the majority of people with existing plumbing, it is still possible to combat the hazards of winter by insulating the pipe work.

You can minimize the damage done by spotting a frozen pipe sooner rather than later. Warning indications of a frozen pipe include ice or frost on the outside of a pipe, so too is the absence of running water when a tap is turned on.

It is urgent to melt the pipe as fast as possible once you find a frozen pipe. There are several special tools for melting the pipes. A simple hair dryer will also do. But never do a blunder of handling the heat from an exposed flame. It may happen that you may find the job of melting the pipe too tedious, so do not feel shy to employ an expert plumber.

After the pipe has been softened, verify if there is any leak. If you have found any leak or when there is any leak, then there are only two options left for you, either you fix it yourself or hire an expert plumber.

There is no option for you when you find a frozen pipe but to think of solving the problem.