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By January 3, 2017E Pipe
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We are manufacturing and exporting wide range of STAINLESS STEEL FLANGES,
STAINLESS STEEL PIPE FITTINGS, MONEL PIPE FITTINGS, INCONEL PIPE FITTINGS , MONEL FLANGES, INCONEL FLANGES, steel sheets, plates, coils and all other ferrous & non ferrous metals for various purposes. Apart from the following standard range of products we also manufacture customized products as per the requirement of the buyers. We provide manufacturer Test Certificates or Government approved Laboratory. Certificates along with the supply of Materials. We execute orders under third party inspections.
Our Products — Tube Fitting,
Pipes & Tubes,
Sheet & Plate,
Buttweld Fitting,
Forged Fitting,
Round Bar,
Other Non Ferrous.
Our Excellence — Quality is our prime concern. We are able to maintain high quality standards through our committed personnel and sound infrastructure. We ensure that finest quality material is used for our products. For ensure the quality of each material, we are providing Materials Test Certificate along with supply. Our team of experts maintain a vigil on the quality of the products. Every single piece is attached with test certificates and reports. We are continually improving our quality to serve our clients better.
Our Facilities —
We have a sound infrastructure. Our spacious warehouse has the capacity to store large quantities of products. We possess a team of experts who are sourcing products of international standard to keep abreast with the global markets. Our quality professionals have served as a beacon not only for us but also for the entire industry in establishing top-notch quality standards.
In a large number of industries, square & Rectangular pipes are used. The production of this kind of pipes is increasing day by day. With compare to round steel pipes, square steel pipes are little more efficient. The reason is that the square column is more efficient than the solid circular column.
We regularly export stainless steel grade 316 Square Pipes & tubes, Stainless steel grade 316 Rectangular pipes & tubes in Gulf countries
Material: Stainless steel, Carbon Steel, Brass
Size: 20 x 20mm to 300x 300mm
Thickness: 1.2mm to 12 mm
“Rexino Stainless & Alloys”suppling quality products viz. Forged Pipe Fittings & Flanges of various sizes and types in Carbon Steel, Low temperature Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel material and supplied under the brand name “Rexino Stainless & Alloys” to various Chemical, Fertilizer, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Pharmaceutical industries, and used widely in the Piping system for their project jobs and maintenance. We specialise in STAINLESS STEEL FLANGES, STAINLESS STEEL PIPE FITTINGS, MONEL PIPE FITTINGS, INCONEL PIPE FITTINGS, MONEL FLANGES, and INCONEL FLANGES.
The”Rexino Stainless & Alloys” has drawn together under the one roof of the total spectrum of trading, stockholding and processing activities in Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Nickel Alloy, Alloy Steel, Copper, Brass, Monel, Inconel, Aluminium, Hastalloy, Lead in the shape of Pipes, Tubes, Rods, Sheets, Plates, Wires, Angles, Coils, Strips and the entire range of Pipes Fittings such as BW/ SW/ Screwed/ Forged & Compression Type with Ferrules such as Elbow, Tees, Reducers, Stub ends, Flanges, Unions, Caps, Nipples, Couplings, Elbowlets, Sockolets, Weldolets, Nuts, Bolts, Studs, Washers, STAINLESS STEEL FLANGES, STAINLESS STEEL PIPE FITTINGS, MONEL PIPE FITTINGS, INCONEL PIPE FITTINGS , MONEL FLANGES, INCONEL FLANGES etc.
Right product for the right requirement at the right price, i.e. rather than a mere supplier of the product we take utmost efforts in understanding the client’s requirement, identifying the right product at the right price. This has resulted in close ties with major customers within India & World-wide. . For more details visit us: http://www.stainlesssteel-flanges-pipefittings.com/

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