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DIY E-Pipe Mod

By October 5, 2016E Pipe

DIY e-pipe mod for under . Uses eGo/510 connector and 1200mAh battery. Takes about an hour to make.
Here’s my shopping list with prices as of November 2011:
Kalamazoo Vapor Shop – TrustFire Protected 18350 3.7V 1200mAh 2 Pack .99 (.99 ea)
MadVapes – 3185 Empty Small eGo Tube

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Guys to learn from (They’re Build Wizards Harry!)

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Maestro: https://www.youtube.com/user/MaestroVapes

Ray Lo Vapes: https://www.youtube.com/user/raydlopez420

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RTS Vapes: http://www.rtsvapes.com/

Bull City Vapor: http://www.bullcityvapor.com/

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Remeber it’s okay not to be perfect as long as you know you tried your best!

Be beautiful folks!


MadVapes – 10516 Black Ego Cone with Silver Trim .99
Liberty Flights – E-Cig Battery Connectors eGo battery connector .59
Liberty Flights – E-Cig Battery Connectors eGo-T Electronics set .19
Ebay – 5″Haojue Large Briar Style Tobacco Smoking Pipe #50089 .99
Home Depot (Electrical Dept.) – Halex PVC ¾” snap-in bushing No. 27252 10-pack .90 (.19 ea)
Home Depot (Electrical Dept.) – ACC ½” Knock Out Seal No. 26071 4-pack .26 (.32 ea)
Home Depot (Plumbing Dept.) – # 27937 Hose Washer and O-ring Combo 12-Pack .19 (.10 ea)
Scraps of Ethernet wire, electrical tape, solder, black spray paint.

12-1-2011 Update:
I just got an eGo mega dual coil flat tip cartomizer from MadVapes, Soaked it in TopVapor Butter Rum overnight, and this thing tastes awesome and vapes like a beast!