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Tutorial: E-Cig/Vape Beginner Kits

By August 18, 2016E Ciggarette

guide: E-Cig/Vape beginner Kits

Jenee “Vape Girl” Fowler shows us what you need to know when buying your first Ego style vape kit!

Look at the Henley Vaporium on line at http:/thehenley.com to find out more on e-cigs, mods, and all actions vape.

Filmed within Henley Vaporium in NYC
23 Cleveland Pl
Ny, NY 10012

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Test showing the side effects of an analog (regular) smoke vs. an electric ecig. Utilized in this particular video is an ion ecig from www.revolvercig.com and the Newport tobacco cigarette! I have already been the pack each day smoke for atleast 3 years and I also eventually bought an Ecig and also havnt smoked each day since! (with the exception of the one within video clip haha)
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