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Thank You For Vaping: The E-Cigarette Debate

By April 29, 2017E Ciggarette

In 1963, a patent was filed for a “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette,” but the invention did not take off. Fast-forward to 2013, and electronic cigarettes—or e-cigs, as they’re called— had mushroomed into a billion-dollar industry.

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Thank You For Vaping: The E-Cigarette Debate – Documentaries – The New Yorker

Producer: Sky Dylan-Robbins
Cinematographer: Nate Lavey
Video Rating: / 5

In just seven years E-cigarettes have grown from an obscure Chinese import to being at the centre of one of the biggest public health debates for a generation. Chris Choi looks at what is in them, why some countries have banned them while others have welcomed them as a lifesaver, and how they could be regulated in the future.


Video Rating: / 5

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  • justinjmj32354 says:

    These e-cigs fucking stink when you have someone go past you"vaping".I'd sooner smoke "proper fags"thank you

  • Smoke Gaming Channel says:

    smoke weed and vape on

  • G Gzz says:

    what's the song in 0:45?

  • MichelleMC says:

    Me: Bitch almost 50% of people vape 0mg nic including my self, do your research before you start to criticize like, god damn.

  • Bench Creature says:

    Vape Naysh

  • John Dearing says:

    I know what the effects are of doing it for at least 6yrs. I'm healthier than I would be if I was still burning tobacco. I'm now at place where I vape way less than I used to smoke. We won't get any true studies as long as the anti nicotine people are running the show.

    I can't stand the ones saying we don't know what's in these e-liquids and because there are flavors they are for kids. Really then I guess the alcohol industry is marketing to kids also. You try and ban vaporizers then ban cigarettes and cigars and pipes. No that won't happen there's to much money to be made from them.

  • gomey70 says:

    It's utterly absurd that a city like NY (or any other city) is banning public vaping, when people who drive cars are free to drive around polluting the air with their filth.

  • conduittothecollective says:

    I smoked for over thirty years and just recently turned to vaping and havent looked back, went from 24mg Nico to 0mg in six weeks, we had the same idea of opening a business promoting vaping, selling vape products and having a vape lounge to discuss vaping and promote, invention, innovation and dialogue…

    Peace from NZ.

  • Sonia J says:

    It angers me that these "smokeless society" people throw obstacles in the way of people who are trying to quit smoking. I started vaping a week ago because my young daughter was worried about my health and begged me to vape. She said, "I don't want to lose or live without my mother". So far, I have only smoked one pack of cigarettes since I started vaping 5 days ago, most of those were smoked the first day I vaped. Yesterday, I only smoked ONE cigarette. I have smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day and have smoked for nearly 40 years. Lung cancer wiped out my father and his entire family. NOW these control freaks are throwing a dampener on the ONLY thing that has helped me come close to not smoking cigarettes. Do they really care about smoker's health? Or is it just a need to control others? Now they want to put the same stigma on vaping as on smoking cigarettes. Why can't they leave people alone? The same people who think a woman should be able to end the life of her baby via abortion because it is HER body, will limit the choices of smokers to try to save their body with helpful alternatives. I talked to many people coming into the vape shop while I was there to get some perspective. I asked them if vaping helped them to quit smoking. Every single one told me that they had been heavy smokers and had not smoke for months. One person even said that he was NOW on the zero nicotine liquid. Even if vaping turns out to be a non-healthy alternative, it can't be any worse than smoking cigarettes. I'll take my chances. Pardon the pun, but I cannot breathe around these "smoke free" people! They smother me.

  • Jack Stover says:

    I'm am 16 years old I run a online vape. shop on eBay marketing Discreet Shiping I don't now if vaping. is bad but its a big business the type of business that a 16 year old can get into it with no trubull

  • Brian Jones says:

    "It's unregulated, and we are vary concerned about it's effects"


    "It's a multi-million dollar industry, and if we regulate it we can get a chunk of the money."

  • Fap Nefarious says:

    Can't wait for vape-able opiates… BTW I'm not even remotely joking

  • waki says:

    ITV must have been sponsored by tobacco industry. only idiot can demonize Ecigs

  • Ryan C says:

    There ain't no oil in e juice, he had suen else

  • Brett Tietema says:

    they are worried about the effects of vaping but we know the effect of tabacco and they are legal

  • Akhter Hussain says:

    vaping saved me from the cancer sticks. Never goin back

  • vBDKv says:

    Fuck young people. I'm trying to quit smoking and vaping probably saved my life.
    Dumb clueless politicians. IT'S NOT A FUCKING CIGARETTE !!!!!

  • Luis Reyes says:

    so is vaping bad or no ?

  • Ironmonkey103 says:

    Since i started smoking e-cig's, i can now out run my neighbors Chihuahua when i check my mail.

  • jimisback says:

    Right off the bat, they got in wrong. They couldn't even describe how it works correctly.

  • Adrian Metcalf says:

    Criticism on vaping is Satire. I quit smoking not too long ago because of vaping. It is the most effective way I have discovered that kept me off cigarettes; not even the nicotine patches, gums or lozenges helped me quit smoking for this long. I used to cough out blood, get headaches, back pains, chest pains & excruciating stomach pains but now I feel not just better, I feel healthier & happier. I am not stressful & I am not as angry as I was before. Vaping could probably have saved my life.

  • Don Keevney says:

    How can this guys death be attributed to vaping, and what was the oil ?

  • SharpYGaminG says:

    Most people think that every vape Or E-cig, What ever ya call it.. Has Nicotine in it, Not all E-Juices have them.. Thats why a lot of teens vape, With no nicotine, But most people are thinking it has nicotine inside the juice and are telling them to stop and banning them in public places

  • somfplease says:

    Cigarettes = [causes massive death] = legal
    Alcohol = [causes massive death / violent crimes] = legal
    E-cig = [No Idea / no recorded deaths] = ban them / Regulate so only a handful of corporations can sell them.

    Oh yeah. Japan Tobacco ownes e-lites @18:30 . It's no coincedance the tobacco company ecig suppliers style looks similar to cigarettes and cost a hell of a lot more than DIY mods.

  • Avaadorey says:

    I vape and hadn't smoked a cigarette in over 5 years, but for the hell of it I decided to try one. I'd forgotten how awful they were during and afterwards my chest hurt/ felt heavy, my throat was swollen, it was harder for me to breath regular, it smelled awful and the smell got all through my clothes/ hair. With vaping none of that stuff happens and it taste way better. I'd choose vaping over real cigarettes any day.

  • DROPOUT2001 says:

    I've been using them for over six years.  I'm heartily sick of hearing: "Well, we just don't know enough yet." Nonsense. No one has interviewed me and others like me, how the hell would they "know enough?" The things have been around for a dozen years.  Sir Walter Raleigh popularized tobacco smoking in England four centuries ago.  Shall we let the WHO and the FDA study electronic cigarettes for a few hundred more years while we all keep dying of lung disease?  How long did they study the gum and patches? Look people, pretend they're cigarettes, then subtract the tar, rat poison and carbon monoxide.  Then substitute the ammonia laced smoke with theater fog. That simple enough or do we need more tests? Personally I think they've done the damn tests and won't release the results because billions of dollars are at stake.

  • Wayne Vapour says:

    yeah man almost 2 years without a cigs, I love vaping


  • gp680 says:

    10:30 a mangina attack

  • Adam Arzo says:

    What about McDonald's advertisements? Isn't the world in shambles over childhood obesity?! According to most of these people those advertisements are encouraging children to become morbidly obese by showing no self control and eating at McDonald's.

    I call for a campaign to outlaw all advertisements! No really though, banning a product because children can use it is fucking stupid. Simply confiscate e-cigarettes found in a child's possession and call it a day! The kid will soon get sick of losing his e-cigarettes to police and if he turns to smoking then tough shit, right?! That's ultimately what the government want anyway since fat cat tobacco companies fund them!

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