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Neo Infinity E-Cigarette Tutorial

By June 24, 2017E Ciggarette

Check out our new Neo Infinity Electronic Cigarette tutorial!

Get your Neo Infinity here: http://www.neocig.co.uk/product/infinity/

No hassle, no assembling or charging is required, Neo is suspended in it’s case waiting for you to break it open and let the vaping commence.
With Neo’s Infinity range, you can recharge your battery, replace the cartomisers and enjoy the aromatic and textured flavours even longer.
So, whether it’s with a cocktail at the bar, after a meal in a restaurant, on a train journey or at work; our range of revolutionary products will stimulate your senses, Anytime. Anywhere!
From single use disposable, to everlasting Infinity’s, Neo has a range to suit every smoker.

Customer Support: info@neocig.co.uk
Marketing Enquires: Tommy-Joe@neocig.co.uk
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