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Man Who Survived E-Cigarette Explosion: ‘These Things Are Deadly’

By April 7, 2017E Ciggarette

A man left in a coma after an e-cigarette exploded in his face is warning about the dangers of the device. “These things are deadly,” Evan Spahlinger told INSIDE EDITION. “I thought I was gonna die.” The 21-year-old, turned to e-cigarettes to help him quit smoking. But one day it suddenly exploded. “It went like a pipe bomb,” he said. “My skin was charred. Eyebrows burned off. Eyelashes burned off.” The family’s attorney believes the problem was with the e-cigarette’s lithium battery.
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  • F**kingPROBLEMS says:

    why not plug in to computer i always charge my e cigarette with the computer

  • 9FIFTY 950 says:


  • Tom Well says:

    Mech Mods + negligence

  • Vasiliy Kislov says:



    or never smoke again idiot

  • whiterthan hitler says:

    Guess you should of stuck to smoking your cigarettes, buck wheat.

  • Nicky Scarola says:

    Ask Samsung, idiots. Not only ecigs explode.

  • Johny Cage says:

    Smoking weed a lot safer, lol

  • James Smith says:

    Lol i love how all the dangers they mentioned weren't even the root of the problem. HYBRIDS PEOPLE.

  • niclna says:

    See, smoking kills

  • Less Talk, More Delicious says:

    The expensive Tesla luxury car sedan uses the exact same type of 18650 batteries (thousands soldered together throughout chassis for better weight distribution and car handling).

    Cell phones, laptops and power tools blow up all the time. Yet, they rarely/never make media headlines.

    Real analog cigarettes start house fires, brush fires and forest fires everyday, many times killing people. E-cigs? Zero.

    Drop a cig on carpet, dry brush or on cloth, it'll most likely catch on fire. Drop an e-cig on the same things, nothing.

    Put a lab mouse in 2 diff boxes – one with real cig smoke and one with e-cig vapor. The one with smoke will die in less than an hour. The one with e-cig vapor will be happy and healthy, enjoying the delicious flavors.

  • Josifoski Nikolce says:

    one in the million

  • Tristen Rollins says:

    "Never plug it into a computer"😂😂 what about mods made with upgradable firmware in mind? People just need something to hate, they're idiots

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