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Man Hospitalized After E-Cigarette Explodes In Pocket

By June 19, 2017E Ciggarette

CBS2’s Christine Sloan reports.

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  • Stein Koffman says:

    that's what you get for not smoking a real cigarette or cigar like a man.

  • Jacquie Laurent says:

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  • Roger Davis says:

    looks like the news reporter blew up at an early age too

  • riverw007 says:

    The one motherfucker with pants that fit and you see what he got.

  • Justin Stuart says:

    Don't keep a loose battery in your pocket. Don't use shitty cheap batteries either. Also, there are regulated mods out there to prevent them from "exploding". All these stupid people cause a bad image for the vape community. Dumbass.

  • Pio Teki says:

    cause its the thing to have the most powerful vape you can show off

  • gbalkam says:

    That is because YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO CARRY THEM IN YOUR PANTS POCKET! DUMB ASS! Hope it burned his nuts off.. prevent future generations of STUPID! Notice the Kentucky guy? Also had vape in his pocket. And the 14 yr old? YOU HAVE TO BE 18 to vape, tell me the little bastard didn't know this and I will tell you bullshit. And "I was just holding it" doesn't stand up any more than your mother walking in to the bathroom while you are bathing and have your dick in your hand. MOM.. I was just washing it! And it went off in my face!

  • Cavite Kingpin says:

    never put e-cigar. or vape in your pocket instead put it in the pouch.

  • dlagrua says:

    I always knew that smoking wasn't good for you. Man that's what you call a real hot ass!

  • Fatty boy says:

    This is a Bunch of horse shit!!.. his e-cigg blew up because he's a fckn idiot!! 🤣🤣

  • Jason Steinert says:

    you should actually store them in a ceramic bag you can buy at your local hobby shop or online

  • Mariahlynn Gamotia says:

    What's with CBS?They are making money from tobacco industry

  • Balsac Teabaghar says:

    LOL what a fucking moron!!!!!!! LOOOOLLLOLLOLOL

  • Big Vapes says:

    "idiot hospitalized after carrying a loose 18650 in his pocket" change your title. your not fooling those that can think for themselves.

  • Haze DCUO says:

    Ecigs don't explode, batteries do and only when in the hands of an idiot.

  • ryan evans says:

    that is a Rx200s 200w 3 bats it will only take 1 bad bat for the hole thing to go bang

  • VideoGames4Days ! says:

    so in other words, "we need more regulations and legislation, so we can tax the shit out of this stuff" fuckin morons have no idea why batteries explode when shorted out, or when the button is stuck down with no time cut off, catches fire and burns your dick off, hope they die, honestly we need less people in this world, and even less that don't understand why batteries, change or keys in your pocket don't mix. oh and btw, if you stick a fork in a wall outlet, after you shove a battery in your mouth, you will blow the biggest clouds, try it fuckin morons.

  • r2stik says:

    marlboro fabricated news.

  • Ufuk Cosar says:

    i have bad feeling about this one

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