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By December 26, 2016E Ciggarette

I would never have thought my husband who smoked 50+ roll ups a day, could buy one of these and he just STOPPED smoking. He never touch another cigarette. I know this sounds like a commercial lol but i promise u its not, its just our experience.

If u want me to get u one and the juice, please PM me, i need u to have paypal. Also if u want me to bling the battery area up for a small fee, u can lemme know that too. But please, only people who live in the UK.

U can choose from different colours, but obviously let me know which 2 colours u prefer and ill get which ever colours he has of ur choice.

I am not getting paid to do this video. I just know how bad smoking is for ur health, and if ur giving up smoking, THIS is the way to go ^_^

If u wanna contact me throu Facebook:

Really hope this video was helpful =D

Nicki x
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