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Frequency of E-Cigarette Explosions May Force FDA to Regulate

By May 9, 2017E Ciggarette

The Obama administration is reviewing a bill to expand oversight of recreational use of electronic cigarettes.
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  • Tommy Darlo says:

    stop sending me fake news it's all I get is fake news

  • onenarrowdoor says:

    These reports will not stop until such time the tobacco industry has full control over all vaping kits.

  • Weldzilla beast says:

    This is a bunch of bull shit

  • So Stoned says:

    I just wanna say mainstream media is garbage

  • bahapalan says:

    Made in China

  • M Rod says:

    Fire martial speaking from his wrong opinion

  • Greenman says:

    I'm not amazed by how far are they Willing to go, to give control to the FDA , so they can collect taxes out of it and eventually get rid of them , so they can go back on killing ppl with regular cigarettes. call it business or population control. And those channels should be asshame of themselves for spreading the lies for couple of thousands of dollars. Corrupt bastards. Mods does not explode batteries not properly handle does , and device like celphones uses LI ON rechargeable batteries aswell.

  • Traffic Lights Are Racist And Mysogynistic says:

    News bought and paid for by big tobacco.. fucking rediculous.
    they never seem to differentiate between mech mods and regulates mods which make battery shorts impossible.
    they even have the hide to show a fucking vape pen.. no vape pen has ever injured anyone. its more likely for a laptop to blow up than a vape pen..

  • Balsac Teabaghar says:

    made by the ACME corporation

  • Aleš Nezbeda says:

    AGAIN… This was just another idiot with mechanical vape that don't know shit about Lion batteries. You can discharge them too much (Battery voltage drops under 2.5V at most cases) -> they will ventilate and eventually explode (when undercharge probability of ventilation and eventuall explosion is low, you can even recover the battery when you will charge it with very very low current ~<300mA). If you send too much current through battery it is another story, battery will definitely ventilate AND explode (but it can happen after some time, so you can see those "explosions" in pocket). And when you overcharge (4.2V is MAX for most batteries used in vapes) there is possibility of ventilation and explosion when you will continue charging regardless of voltage.

    So those "explosions" are idiots that don't know shit about batteries and put there battery that has lower max. continuous output current then need in vape (based on maximum power of mod, or resistance of coil when using mechanical vape – mechanical vape is vape that has NO ELECTRONICS so nothing is regulating voltage current etc. so you must know ohms law and bunch of other stuff before using that).

  • Phillipp Müller says:

    #made in China

  • Zack prow says:

    It's uneducated retards doing it to themselves…. I've been vaping for 5 years and I understand battery safety and ohms law and I've never had a problem. Vaping has completely changed my life and it pisses me off to see it possibly taken away because of stupid people that decide to not educate themselves on what there using.

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