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BEST E-CIGARETTES OF 2016 (so far) | Full Review

By March 31, 2017E Ciggarette

BEST E-CIGARETTES OF 2016 (so far)  | Full Review

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These are not mods… just had to clarify that. These two kits are created specifically for the smoker, but have become really popular amongst the vaping community; which is strange, but it also makes sense. The Juul by Pax uses “nicotine salts” in their liquids which gives a unique sensation in your lungs as opposed to the My. (and every other eliquid) and I think that’s why it’s so popular… it’s also tiny and looks classy so that helps. The My. has a bigger battery and eliquid capacity which may be more attractive to heavy smokers (I also think it looks better though, my opinion of course) so enjoy!

Where to buy the kits in Canada:

Juul + Juul Eliquid:
UNITED STATES: http://juul-vapor.pxf.io/c/370778/334124/5047
(Way after I did this review, JUUL offered me this affiliate link. So it didn’t have any effect on my review, but now I can maybe make some money if you try the JUUL!)

CANADA: http://www.theecigflavourium.com/ (no longer available, but ask about the Bo or MyJet)

My. (VonErl): http://ecigarettes.ca/

Manufacturer sites:

Juul: http://juul-vapor.pxf.io/c/370778/334124/5047

VonErl: http://shop.vonerl.com/en/e-cigarettes/cigalikes/509/my.
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