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Why You Should Replace Your Usual Cigarettes with E-hookahs

By July 28, 2017E Cigarettes
E Cigarettes

You must be quite familiar with the latest trend “vaping”. A lot of people these days are favoring e-hookahs over consuming conventional cigarettes. Vaping is completely dissimilar from smoking as the content is heated instead of burned. In addition, vaping e-cigs generates water steam instead of smoke and ash.

Vaping means inhaling water steam via an e-hookah. When user inhales the e-hookah pen, its atomizer heats up the e-fluid, and hence produces inhalable vapor.

Today, so many people have turned to vaping to eliminate their nicotine addiction or to leave smoking tobacco-filled cigarettes. In fact, the style in which folks are breathing in vapor from e-hookahs & e-cigs is getting more and more followers.

To educate smokers, here I have discussed a few points regarding why vaping is a better substitute to smoking; let’s have a look:

E-hookah or e-cigarettes’ vapor holds no injurious chemicals:

The volume of chemicals & carcinogenic elements in cigarette burn is about 4,000 that encompass acetone, carbon monoxide, acrolein, isoperene, nitric oxide and many others. All such chemicals are notorious to make injurious impacts on your body. While acetone is notorious to cause liver and kidney injury, carbon-monoxides have an effect on heart & muscle function, phenol spoils liver & major nervous systems.

However, chemicals exist in vapors from e-devices, and include vegetable glycerol, propylene glycol and flavorings.

E-hookah and e-cig vapor does not hold any cancer sourcing chemicals:

Tobacco made cigarette smoke hold chemicals that guide to different kinds of cancers including mouth & throat cancer, lung cancer, cancer of the kidney, pancreas and urinary bladder. However, vaping electronic hookahs or e-cigarettes has not been proven to cause any health risk since it doesn’t possess any tar and tobacco. Vaping an electronic cigarette generates only vapor and tasty flavor.

Nicotine is non-compulsory in vaporizers:

While traditional cigarettes possess nicotine; e-cigs or vaporizers offerusers nicotine-free e-cigs or a choice of nicotine-free e-liquids.

Vaporizers don’t generate recycled smoke:

E-hookahs or e-cigarettes vary from conventional cigarettes in a means that there is no recycled smoke involved with vaping. Recycled smoke from traditional cigarettes makes you susceptible to lung cancer and different other kinds of cancer. However, vaporizers, e-hookahs or e-cigs don’t generate any hazardous recycled smoke.

Smell-less vapor:

Do you know the fact that vapor from e-cigs is absolutely odorless? The odor from the vapor doesn’t stick to hair and clothes at all. In fact, it gives people the liberty to enjoy an e-hookah almost anywhere.

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