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Why Smokers Should Switch To E-Cigarettes

By November 2, 2016E Cigarettes
E Cigarettes

The number of people who smoke in the United States has been steadily declining, however warnings on cigarette packs are not doing enough. Some people continue to smoke just because they enjoy the act of smoking, while others continue to do it because they started at a very early age and do not have the motivation to stop.

Many senior citizens who have fallen victim to smoking-related illnesses refuse to quit out of a sense of it being too late and because they simply do not have the physical or mental fortitude to take on the project. It continues to be a project that many Americans never succeed at, because nicotine patches, gums, and even medications to help smokers quit have a very low long term success rate. In recent years, however, a smoking alternative has surfaced on the world market, but has been met with skepticism and hostility by some special interest groups.

The e-cigarette is like a tobacco cigarette, but contains a battery, an atomizer, and a refillable cartridge with a nicotine and water-based solution in it. While the CDC says tobacco cigarettes contain over 4,800 chemicals, e-cigarettes contain only a tiny fraction of that, which is typically less than 20, depending on the brand purchased.

For those smokers who do not have the desire or the fortitude to stop smoking, e-cigarettes may be the answer for them. They are able to get the same feeling that they are smoking something without inhaling all the tar and cancer-causing chemicals that are associated with tobacco cigarettes.

Not only that, but the products are said to be more convenient and clean than tobacco cigarettes because there is no need for an ashtray and the garbage created by them is significantly reduced. An e-cigarette cartridge is equal to around 20 cigarettes, depending on the smoker’s habit level, and instead of 20 cigarette butts being thrown away, you have only one cartridge and its wrapper to deal with.

E-cigarettes are also much less of a fire hazard because they do not combust tobacco and are not hot. They warm up slightly when puffed on, but only emit around 10% of the heat a tobacco cigarette does. This means a user can actually put the e-cigarette down anywhere they need to, even in a shirt or jacket pocket. Not only that, but most smokers will smoke an entire cigarette even if they do not want to simply because they do not want to waste it. With e-cigarettes, this obligation is eliminated and because of it, many e-cigarette users actually end up smoking less.