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Why E-Cigarettes Are Better Than Traditional Ones

By October 19, 2016E Cigarettes
E Cigarettes

While lots of people are arguing over the great advantages of e-cigarettes, there are a quite a large number of facts about them that just cannot be ignored.

Although the health effects are being disputed by special interest groups on both sides of the fence, something that can’t be disputed are the physical safety aspects of the products. What many people are now beginning to realize is the fact that e-cigarettes aren’t a fire hazard like tobacco cigarettes are. There have been many pets and children accidentally burned by lit cigarettes, but you don’t have to worry about that with e-cigarettes because the tip doesn’t even get warm when you inhale from it. Other people have woken up with their beds on fire because they fell asleep in bed with a cigarette in their hand.

Drivers no longer have to be concerned with the danger of smoking while driving, since there is no need to roll the window down and throw the lit butt out the window. Many drivers have had cigarette butts fly back into the automobile when they try to throw them out, which usually creates a panic to get the motor car stopped as quick as feasible. With e-cigarettes, no more is that a risk.

An e-cigarette starter kit is a little handier than traditional cigarettes, because they only need a new cartridge every few hours, depending on how much you use it, while a single cigarette only lasts a few minutes, at the most. Two cartridges or three should last all day, which means you don’t have to carry around a full pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

As mentioned, ash trays are a thing of earlier times for e-cigarette users. The only mess you need to concern ourselves about is throwing the cartridge and the wrapper away when you are done with it.

E-cigarettes also don’t stink like traditional cigarettes do. The vapor itself has a slight smell to it, but nowhere near as potent as the odor of tobacco cigarettes. Smoke also tends to hang in the air, unlike e-cigarette vapor, which dissipates fairly quickly after being exhaled. This means that you can use e-cigarettes around family and friends who would normally be bothered by tobacco smoke and in most cases, they will barely notice that you are using it at all.