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What Tobacco Cigarettes Contains That E-Cigarettes Don’t Have

By August 31, 2016E Cigarettes
E Cigarettes

Many users may not know what makes e-cigarette much healthier and safer than regular cigarettes as shown in electronic cigarette reviews. Many of those reviews also claim that e-cigarettes are almost identical to regular cigarettes and it makes a perfect alternative. The most important thing that makes e-cigarette safer than the regular ones isn’t what it does for the smoker but instead what it doesn’t. Many things are present in regular cigarette that doesn’t exits in e-cigarettes. Here are some of them.


Traditional cigarettes contain high levels of tar. It’s a crude substance that attach to everything it comes in contact with. It produces a yellowish residue and penetrates the walls, curtains, ceilings and furniture of smokers. This residue is also the culprit for the yellowing of teeth and nails which smokers usually complain about.

In addition to these external issues tar also has a way of sticking to the lungs of smokers. It paralyzes the cilia in the lung and is one of the main culprits in cigarettes that is linked to lung issues. It is probably one of the main perpetrators of cigarette related deaths.

The great thing about e-cigarettes is that they do no contain tar. E-cigarette review participant always mention this out of many things. Smokers enjoy the pleasure of smoking without the residue commonly left behind by tar.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless gas that emits from any incompletely burned product. This ingredient is found in the human body at all times in very small amounts, as a result of pollution in the environment. It is also found in traditional cigarettes. It is found to be double or more times present in the bodies of smokers. The more smoking a person does, the more CO or carbon monoxide will be present in their body.

CO is a poison. Although it rapidly disappear in the body after a smoker quits, it is still responsible for a thousand deaths yearly. The reason why is that CO can leak into homes and vehicles and cause the occupants there to lose consciousness and die. Carbon monoxide poisoning usually starts out by a common flu and then rapidly becomes severe. If the leak is not stopped the people living there would die.

Carbon monoxide slows down the bloods ability to carry oxygen and will eventually lead to heart illness. This is probably the major component in cigarettes that causes cardiovascular health problems. One good thing is it can’t be found in e-cigarettes at all. This helps in making e-cigarettes not only suitable for the human body but also good for the environment since CO is a large contributor to global warming, heart illness and second hand smoke related diseases.

Electronic cigarette reviewers in general claim that these cigarettes are just as effective as regular cigarettes. They can offer a high enough dose to help get smokers off of traditional cigarettes. Since these cigarettes contain nicotine, which is one of the more addictive components in cigarettes, their use as a cessation product has garnered mixed reviews. There are over 4,000 ingredients in traditional cigarettes and maybe around 10 in e-liquid (the nicotine pouches that go in e-cigarettes). For this reason alone, e-cigarettes are far likely to be much safer for the human body than traditional cigarettes ever will be.