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Ways in which E – cigarettes are the better choice over regular cigarettes

By July 17, 2017E Cigarettes
E Cigarettes

Initiative to quit smoking involves a lot of will power and the same time requires to say No to cigarettes gradually. As for sudden quit smoking may cause terrible health troubles. Since your body is long adjusted to that addiction and throat hit, and at once stoppage may pose you serious challenges. Ultimately you may give up and start smoking again.

To find a middle way you want something to act fast on your quit smoking agenda and simultaneously give you less trouble leaving the habit. Hypnotism, acupuncture, nicotine replacement therapy may work for you but finally that crave how you are going to control after these sessions? How you are going to stop the urge of holding a cigarette in your hand or smelling that tobacco smoke with which your body is more than just habitual?

Well its good that we live in an era of e – smoking. When all options are not working these e – cigarettes are working effectively. In fact electronic cigarettes in UK and U.S are a huge hit. The feedback from the people are now drawing manufactures to bring up e – cigars too.

These are also known as e liquid cigarettes. Look alike of normal cigarettes but contain no tobacco, no tar, no carcinogen and no carbon which is present in natural ones and pose a serious harm. E-cigs are battery driven devices to produce a vaporized nicotine solution. With absolutely no tobacco they are harmless but nicotine gives the same punch as a real cigarette that smokers crave for. The liquid which is a mix of water, nicotine, propylene gycol and scent of tobacco is within an atomized cartridge to be placed in the e – cigar before smoking.

The best part is these cigs are not banned in public places as pubs or restaurants as they are harmless and eradicates chances of passive smoking.compared to regular cigarettes the e- cigs offer:

1:No ash, no tobacco smoke to inhale. It provides the harmless vaporized mist to give you the same effect of the regular one.

2:Customers can choose the cartridges with their choice of strength of nicotine. They come in nil, ultralight to light and moderate strengths of nicotine.

3:These are easily available online along with their cartridges, liquids and battery.

4:Even being harmless these cigarettes are not recommended for kids, pregnant women or heart patients.

Not FDA regulated yet but still are being opted as the effective means to quit tobacco smoke.

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