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Top Benefits Of Smoking 3-Piece E-Cigarettes With Vegetable Glycerin

By June 15, 2017E Cigarettes
E Cigarettes

What are the top benefits of smoking a 3-piece e-cigarette with vegetable glycerin? Read on to find out.

1. #1 Rated Product

The only reason to ever buy a two piece design is for its simplicity in assembly. Unfortunately, you give up a lot by using cartomizers instead of a three-piece design. Cartomizers are built to be disposable whereas the atomizers in three-piece designs are big, powerful, and built to last. The advanced concept and design of three e-cigarette parts produces the most vapor of any mini cigarette in the industry.

2. No Tar Or Carbon Monoxide

The simulated “smoke” from e-cigarettes is simply the water vapor and the cartridge contents of the nicotine cartridge being vaporized into what looks like a cool steam. This smoke is water vapor that evaporates into the air within seconds and leaves virtually no odor. There are no additional or unwanted chemicals produced in the vaporization process because there is no chemical reaction or combustion taking place as with regular cigarettes. Since you are not burning the tobacco, things such as carbon monoxide and tar are a thing of the past!

3. Vegetable based liquids

Three-piece e-cigarettes with vegetable glycerin are known for producing the most vapor and not having a harsh “throat hit” like PG. Propolyene Glycol, the base of the liquid used in most competitors products, has been known to product adverse reaction and irritation in some users. Both are used successfully in the industry but when given the choice between PG and a vegetable based liquid (VG), most customers choose VG.

4. 85% Saving Over Cigarettes

Depending on your smoking style, three-piece e-cigarette cartridges can last up to the equivalent of 15 – 25 traditional cigarettes (Some clients have even estimated 30!). That’s over a full pack of cigarettes at a fraction of the price.

5. Longest Lasting Cartridges

2-piece designs don’t last as long and cost more to replace. Why replace an expensive piece of equipment that should be designed to last? Three-piece e-cigarette cartridges last longer than other similar products on the market! That’s why you save up to 85% compared to traditional cigarettes.

6. Smoke Anywhere Anytime

3-piece e-cigarettes with vegetable glycerin produce no real smoke, only water vapor. Because of this, they are not subject to traditional smoking bans and you can start smoking at all your favorite places again! The office, a restaurant, and more!

7. Best Tasting Flavors

Enjoy traditional flavors like Classic Tobacco or mix it up with our other delicious flavors that are sure to satisfy your taste buds!

8. Feels Like a Real Cigarette

The quality of a 3-piece e-cigarette is beyond compare. It is the same length as a traditional cigarette, giving you the familiar feel of a real cigarette, and the best performance of any other e-cigarette its size! Top quality atomizers also add warmth to the vapor for a more realistic smoking experience.

9. Live Healthier

Quitting traditional cigarettes is always a healthy choice. And an e-cigarette is your best alternative to tobacco cigarettes.