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Three Basic Components of E-Cigarettes

By December 30, 2016E Cigarettes
E Cigarettes

In anything that we are going to buy, it is imperative to know what its components are in the first place. This is because it will tell us if what we have is complete or not. If it is incomplete, then the price that we have to pay for the product should be lower. Aside from that, if the package is incomplete too, it may not function properly at all. When it comes to e cigarettes NZ, there are three (3) major components you need to check. These are specifically the cartridge, as well as the atomizer and the cartomizer.

What is the cartridge?

Firstly, like the ordinary cigarette, the e cigarettes NZ have cartridge too. It is a kind of container that has opening on each of its end, which could either be made from plastic, glass or even metal. This serves as the mouthpiece and liquid reservoir at the same time. What it does is to allow the passage of the liquid to the atomizer, as well as the vapour from the cigarette’s atomizer up to the mouth of the user. This, of course, should be done without allowing leakage of the liquid to the mouth.

What is the atomizer?

Secondly, the other main component of the e cigarettes NZ is the atomizer. It has a small heating coil that is designed in vaporizing the liquid. Generally, this consists of simple filament and the wicking metallic mesh, which could be a silica wick too. This part is specifically positioned at the centre of the three (3) components, which make up the whole cylinder of the electronic cigarette. To visualize it, the cartridge is the one attached to the one end while the power unit is the attached to the other. The filament of the atomizer loses its efficiency through time. This is normal as the sediments build up over time.

What is the cartomizer?

Thirdly, the cartomizer is the one that is describing the combination of the cartridge and atomizer in a unit. This is consisted of the heating element, which is surrounded by the poly foam that is soaked into the liquid. This kind of combination is primarily being used in devices that are especially manufactured in order for them to look similar to ordinary cigarettes. Moreover, it may also come in a disposable form, which could be easier to use instead of refilling them every now and then.

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