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The Wave Of The Future: E Cigarettes

By November 9, 2016E Cigarettes
E Cigarettes

There is a new item out for smokers called e cigarettes and they are touted as being a healthy alternative to tobacco based smoking products. They are considered to have approximately 4,000 less toxins than nicotine; all without the tar and ash so there is no waste and they are refillable so they will save individual’s money.

These electronic cigarettes are a bit ultramodern in that they are guided by microelectronic technology. These smokes look, taste and feel as if a person is actually smoking a real cigarette although they are not ingesting the same chemicals they would be if they were smoking a tobacco based product.

A regular cigarette and the new electronic cigarettes involve the same action of puffing and then an almost neutral smelling vapor wafts into the air. A water supported vapor is what a person sees and this is an improvement over the traditional smoke that comes off a tobacco product.

This thin cigarette is comprised of an atomization chamber, a cartridge, a lithium battery and a chip controller. Plus, there is a red LED light with a sensor so when a person uses the product, it lights up to emulate the burning sensation of tobacco.

Smoking is all about nicotine and when a person smokes these electronic cigarettes, they are not disappointed. There are cartridges a person could purchase that contain nicotine, however the majority of people are satisfied when they smoke these cigarettes because the atomizer fabricates the vapor and when it’s inhaled, gives a person the same feeling of satisfaction as a tobacco based smoke.

A person is able to refill these new cigarettes so there are no ashes, no smoke and no waste such as cigarette butts all about the ground. The refillable portion is the liquid that will produce the vapor and since refilling is cheaper than purchasing more, these cigarettes are a better value. In addition, the electronic cigarette is a great alternative for those who are tired of the chemicals or those who want to give up smoking.

Because tobacco products contain carbon monoxide gases and tar, they tend to make a person’s breath smell like an ash tray when they have been smoking. With these new electronic cigarettes, there is no tobacco and no tar to ruin a person’s fresh breath.

There are starter kits a person could purchase to begin using the electronic cigarettes and this would cost them less money than a few packs of regular tobacco cigarettes. The tobacco which makes up the regular smokes is not the expensive part for smokers; it’s the taxes that states and local governments levy against them in order to pay for things. An individual could find the new cigarettes through the web and have them sent to their home to save on taxes.

Because they contain no thick tar, harmful chemicals or toxins that could damage a person’s lungs, the new e cigarettes are a healthy choice for smokers. They are the ‘green’ option for those who like to smoke but don’t want all the waste of cigarette butts all over the place. People who want to make a fresh start for their health and the environment should take a look at the new way to smoke.