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The health benefits of E Cigarettes

By October 17, 2016E Cigarettes
E Cigarettes

Since smoking has been banned in public places such as bars, pubs and restaurants smokers find it hard not have a cigarette while they’re out. To help smokers who crave a cigarette or who want to try and quit but find it very temping in social situations E cigarettes have been designed. E cigarettes are far safer than smoking real cigarettes as E cigs only contain purified nicotine which has none of the same health risks that tobacco does. If you want to quit but don’t think you have the will power then E cigarettes could be the key to helping you give up.

In cigarette smoke there is over 4000 known toxic substances which include arsenic and carbon monoxide. You wouldn’t breathe these in normally so why would you be willing to do it just to have a cigarette? Also in cigarettes there are carcinogenic chemicals that are known to cause cancer so smoking poses a big health risk for you and those around you. If you use E cigarettes you will still get the nicotine rush that is the part of the cigarette that causes you to have uncomfortable cravings but you won’t be risking your health as none of the other harmful chemicals and substances are in E cigs.

E cigs allow people the freedom to enjoy their nicotine hit at any time in any place and will help to satisfy your cravings. E cigarettes are more socially acceptable than real cigs and they can be used in public places. When smoking was banned in public places people wanted something to fill the void. This is when manufactures came up with the idea of E cigarettes.

They conation no tobacco at all but they do glow a red colour when in use but don’t need to be lit. E cigs give off no unpleasant odour so your clothes and hair won’t smell of cigarettes and E cigs won’t leave yellow residue on your fingers and teeth. With so many great benefits over normal cigarettes it is easy to see why E cigarettes are such a popular choice.

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