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The different companies of e-cigarettes

By July 15, 2017E Cigarettes
E Cigarettes

It all started some years back when Katherine Heigi pulled out an e-cigarette on a David Letterman show, and people soon followed suit. In today’s world, using e-cigarettes have become a great alternative to smoking and people want to use it more than ever. Katherine Heigi was addicted to smoking since she was 25 and e-cigarettes provided her the perfect way to quit smoking and live life in a healthier way. Moreover, using e-cigarettes ensured that those nearby her did not get affected with the poisonous smoke of conventional cigarettes. Ever since being introduced in China in the year of 2004, e-cigarettes have been a constant hit all over the world and many companies have started production.

The most asked questions by many smokers who are trying to quit is, which electronic cigarette is the best for them. It all comes down to, in most cases, your preference of smoking. How much nicotine would you smoke in a day? What kind of taste are you looking for? What is your smoking preference?

A traditional cigarette, on the other hand, is often a brand decision and not a preference related one. For e-cigarettes, it is your smoking preference that counts. There are some that hit your throat hard, while others that are smooth all the way down. Disposable cigarettes are quite the rage too and can be tried for those wanting to do away the hassles of recharging the battery. There are some cigarettes that produce more vapors, while still others that are subtle and have lesser inhalation.

There are also special designer made ones for women that are long and look very classy. There are some that are bulky as well, to give you the feeling of a really strong cigarette. It is best to do some research on your own before going for the purchase as most of these devices are expensive. Rechargeable cigarettes are more expensive than the disposable ones and hence people prefer the disposable ones as they are more convenient.

E-cigarette brands like Smoke Stick are popular with celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio and Katherine Heigi. What strikes the chord is that most of the profits by the company goes down to charity. White Cloud though sells the most expensive products in the market. White Cloud provides great services and has a good value for money for the products. They upgrade their products promptly and provide quality products. If you want to know more about newer entrants into the e-cigarette market, check out the e-cigarettes review-2012 which gives a list of many new entrants as well as reviews about traditional e-cigarette providers like 212 Smoke. The traditional companies have a lot of loyal and dedicated customers.