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The change in e-cigarettes

By August 25, 2017E Cigarettes
E Cigarettes

The model of electronic cigarettes has changed dramatically over the years. Public demand has led to the cigarettes becoming more and more compact and the traditional structure of the e cig has changed into a more compact and simpler design. Replacing Your CartomizerCartomizers are a combination of an atomizer and cartridge. They ensure the cigarettes you use are more compact and are very simple. These cartomizers hold more e-liquid than a regular cartridge, this would mean lesser cartridge replacements and easier and more comfortable smoking on the go. A typical kit consists of five vacant cartomizers, 2 batteries (rechargeable), a charger, a water proof tin and a bottle of e-liquid made in U.S equivalent to 300 tobacco cigarettes.

Transformation of e-cigarettes – The cartomizer is similar to conventional cigarettes as it is connected directly to the battery for activation. Puffs with this device are equivalent to that of 15-20 traditional cigarettes. As these cartomizers are closer to the cartridge as compared to the previous models, they ensure much more smoothness. However , you still have to refill the e-liquid as it was required by previous models. Ensure that the liquid is dropped into the wick around the center hole and not in the hole itself.

15 drops is all it takes in the entire refilling process. Do not let the liquid to overflow from the cartomizer on the top or dripping from the bottom. To avoid tasting the liquid straight into your mouth, place the clean rubber plug into the end and dispose off the atomizers after each refill.

The choice of e-liquid often decides the kind of smoke one would want from your e cigarette. All you can do is try out different liquids and find which one suits you. Now, while most e cigarette providers might claim that the tobacco flavored e-liquid tastes just like smoke. However, this would be being too ambitious. In truth, the vapor and smoke are very different and at the end of the day that taste cannot be perfectly imitated. This taste can further be changed and modified by adding chemicals and flavors, but still the complete “smoke” taste cannot be changed.

Another fun advantage is the variety of flavors available now- from vanilla to cola, you can pick the one that suits you best. Keep trying different flavors and develop your taste, you might even end up using a flavor you used to hate initially.

The fact that it is not the perfect replacement for smoking is widely accepted but one cannot overlook that it is a much healthier way of smoking and even prevents lung cancers. This invention can thus be easily regarded as the paramount development in improving health standards. Optimists have the view that the new versions of the stick can turn a tobacco-addicted world to a tobacco-free one. So make sure you are not waiting for other inefficient products to cure your smoking problem, rather take up a delightful e- cigarette puff without worrying about your health.

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