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Smoking E-Cigarettes – Safe And Smokeless Cigarettes

By October 7, 2016E Cigarettes
E Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes or E-cigarettes can mitigate withdrawal to tobacco and are used by many smokers to support in quit attempts. It is one of the healthier alternatives to the traditional cigarette.

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Smoking of E-cigarette: The e-cigarette consists of a replaceable cartridge small in size, filled with little dose of nicotine and propylene glycol flavored liquid and it is powered by rechargeable battery. When the user in-hale on the device, a pneumatic air flow switch senses the airflow. The microprocessor inside the e-cigarette activates the atomizer, injecting the droplets of the liquid with the flowing air which vaporizes the liquid. This electronic cigarette functions like a traditional cigarette without the use of harmful chemicals.

Benefits of smoking e-cigarettes.
It supplies nicotine without producing any cancer causing harmful elements, which are in traditional cigarettes.
It produces no smoke and only vapor.
There is no smell
The smoke dissipates quickly.
The electronic cigarettes are considered legal to use in indoors such as offices, pubs, night clubs etc.
There are refillable cartridges available with different nicotine strengths and different flavors such as regular, apple, strawberry, menthol etc. The nicotine strength are of ranges zero, light, medium and full.
It is in the form of tiny rod and slightly longer than the traditional cigarette. Becomes the life saver when a person is cigarette addictive.
Traditional cigarette smoking is dangerous and very seriously affects the health producing lung cancer, stomach cancer. Mouth cancer, chronic bronchitis and heart diseases also. But the electronic cigarette also provides the same taste like the traditional one without yielding any harmful effects.
E-cigarettes allow Smokers to sit in the sports bar, restaurants along with other non-smokers without any clash, as this e-cigarette do not have leafs or they do not require open flame. Upon exhale of a electronic cigarette, smoke like puff consisting of odorless vapor goes out and disappears within seconds.

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