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Now Smoke Healthy with E-Cigarettes

By January 12, 2017E Cigarettes
E Cigarettes

No one would want to do any harm to their body but if someone develops the habit of smoking, it becomes very hard to get rid of this habit. After all the resolutions and promises, inhaling smoke and exhaling a puff seems to be the most pleasurable act of life for the addicted. So here is some good news for these people. They can continue their habit of smoking without doing any harm to their body. It is possible by replacing the conventional cigarette with an e-cigarette or an electronic cigarette.

What is an e-cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is just another gadget which can be owned by anyone for a hobby or for everyday use. The fact that makes this gadget unique and different from the conventional cigarette is that it is completely free from tobacco; instead a flavored liquid is used to produce smoke. Its inventors have succeeded in making it free from the odor and the emission of harmful substances during smoking.

The main components of the e-cigarette are –
* The cartridge – It is the end part of the device which is attached to a pipe that contains a liquid. The gas produced by this liquid passes through the pipe to enter the cartridge that serves as the mouthpiece. The smoke is thus inhaled via this portion.
* The vaporizer – It is the part that heats the liquid to turn it into a gas that can be inhaled by the user.
* The battery – Just like all the gadgets need power to operate, this electronic cigarette gets its power from a battery. It enables the device to heat up the liquid.

Unlike the conventional cigarettes, the e-cigarette comes in different flavors like chocolate, banana, orange, mint and many others. When smoking the e-cigarette, the person will feel like he is actually eating the fruit or having mint. It can also be expected to come in various other unique flavors in the coming time. The main aim of creating this gadget is to help people who are addicted to harmful tobacco smoking in quitting their habit. They can be made to switch to healthy smoking with the e-cigarette and gradually quit the habit. According to research, smoking one cigarette is equivalent to losing seven minutes of your life. Now you can imagine how fast the life of the chain smokers is shrinking.

Are the e-cigarettes safe to use?

Though the constituents of the e-cigarettes show that these are not as harmful as the conventional cigarettes, their being free from all kinds of harm is yet to be proved. The required safety checks and regulations have not yet been imposed on the product. Some of the products have been found to contain various types of poisonous substances that may cause serious diseases like cancer. So it is very important to confirm the genuineness of the manufacturer and the electronic cigarette store from where you are getting the supply before buying the product.