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Is It Really Better To Smoke E-Cigarettes

By February 11, 2017E Cigarettes

Have you heard about the e-cigarettes? These are the only real alternative to smoking tobacco without the tobacco. Would you like to know why the smokers that are using them find that it is better to use these than the regular cigarettes? There are several reasons and all of them sound really good. Here are two of the best reasons. One, you are no longer sending out secondhand smoke and two, they are cheaper and safer to use. Just ask a person that uses one and find out what they say. If you want more information about them go to the e-cigarette sites on your computer.

You do not send out this secondhand smoke as there is no tobacco to burn, so all of the toxins that you get from that cigarette is no longer there. Since there is no smoke, it is cleaner to use and safer for those around you. They look like the cigarette you are used to, even down to the feel of one. The e-cigarette is made of a light weight metal shaped like a cigarette which is the battery housing. It has a atomizer and a filter. When you puff on the filter, the atomizer releases a smoke like water vapor containing your nicotine so you get all of the benefits of smoking without sending out all of the dangerous substances that you would if you were smoking tobacco.

Since the filters equal out to almost a full pack of cigarettes and cost half as much, you can see that using this will cut the cost of your smoking a lot. With the cost of tobacco cigarette going up all of the time, this one e-cigarette will pay for itself quickly. Figure out in your head what you spend on real cigarettes in a day, week, or month. You will be really please that you started using these e-cigarette because the more you use them, the less tobacco you will smoke. Then when you are ready, you can go to the lower levels of nicotine to actually if that is what you want to do.

The filters come in four levels of strength. Regular, light, ultra light, and no nicotine at all and you can change these anytime that you feel ready to do so. You will be on no set schedule so you can do this at your own pace. Your friends and family will be so happy that they can come back around you that they will not even worry about this e-cigarette hurting them. Non-smokers and smokers alike will no longer have to worry about what is coming from your e-cigarette in the way of any smoke as there is none.