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E Cigarettes-The Many Reasons To Love Them

By August 2, 2017E Cigarettes
E Cigarettes

E-cigarette benefits do not stop at being better for you than tobacco cigarettes; there are many reasons smokers should switch.

They are greener than tobacco cigarettes due to the fact that you only have to throw away 2 pieces, the cartridge and the cartridge wrapper. Compare that to throwing away the 20 cigarette butts from a pack of tobacco cigarettes, the box they come in, and the plastic wrapper. Imagine how many fewer cigarette butts there would be on the side of the roadways and sidewalks were the majority of the population to switch. It would shrink to one twentieth of what it is now and that’s if people changed their cartridges as they walked down the street or drove!

Aside from being better for the environment, e-cigarettes are also much cleaner. They require no ash tray and you never have to worry about dropping ashes on the carpet. They are so convenient many e-smokers actually forget that they are there, because they are so easy to put down. With e-cigarettes, you have no risk of setting your bed on fire if you fall asleep with one in your hand and you can’t accidentally burn a friend, child, or a pet if they bump into you while you are holding one.

Last but not least, e-cigarette cartridges are cheaper. Depending on a smoker’s habits and as he or she gets used to using them, e-cigarette cartridges can be the equivalent of an entire pack of cigarettes. Heavy smokers may not get as much use out of them until they become acquainted with the product because of the person’s habit level. Gradually, an e-smoker usually notices themselves using the product less as time goes on, simply because they typically set it down and go about their business (one or two puffs on an e-cigarette usually kills the nicotine craving).

Cartridges only cost around $ 2 a piece on average, so a pack of 5 cartridges will be $ 10, plus shipping. Buying cartridges online in bulk quantities is most effective, but compared to around $ 5 to $ 7 or $ 8 for a single pack of tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarette cartridge prices win hands down.

If consumers will not switch to e-cigarettes for health reasons, many will likely switch for the reasons listed above. Convenience, cleanliness, and lower prices may be what makes the e-cigarette industry so hot, even if nicotine is completely removed from the cartridges themselves.

In this video I talk about diacetyl in electronic cigarettes and how blown out of proportion everything has now gotten in the media. I try to put it into perspective, and how it relates to vaping.

How The Media Totally Exaggerated Study On Risk Of ‘Popcorn Lung’ From E-Cigarettes

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